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Page 104 WASHINGTON STATE includes fold-out map inside BywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysByways SnicSnicSnic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways SnicSnicSnic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways Snic BywaysBywaysByways dddddddddddd BywaysBywaysByways RoadRoadRoad BywaysBywaysByways Road BywaysBywaysByways Road BywaysBywaysByways Road BywaysBywaysByways RoadRoadRoadRoadRoadRoadddd Roadddd Roadddd Roaddddddd Roadddd Roadddd Roaddddddd Roadddd Roadddd Roadddd RoadRoadRoadRoadRoadRoad BywaysBywaysByways Road BywaysBywaysByways Road BywaysBywaysByways Road BywaysBywaysByways RoadRoadRoadRoadRoadRoad TriTriTriTriTriTriTriTriTri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoadRoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoadRoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoadRoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad TriTriTriTriTriTri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoadRoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad Tri RoadRoadRoad LUXURY EXCITEMENT AWAITS. Just 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington States premier resort entertainment destination. Luxurious Accommodations Award-Winning Dining Rejuvenating Spa Casino Excitement World-Class Shopping FOUR-DIAMOND RESORT. GAMING. SHOPPING. I-5 EXIT 200 TULALIPCASINO.COM Luxurious Accommodations Award-Winning Dining Rejuvenating Spa Casino Excitement World-Class Shopping premier resort entertainment destination. LUXURY EXCITEMENT AWAITS. Just 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington States premier resort entertainment destination. Luxurious Accommodations Award-Winning Dining Rejuvenating Spa Casino Excitement World-Class Shopping FOUR-DIAMOND RESORT. GAMING. SHOPPING. LUXURY LUXURY LUXURY EXCITEMENT AWAITS.EXCITEMENT AWAITS.EXCITEMENT AWAITS. Just 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington StatesJust 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington StatesJust 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington States premier resort entertainment destination.premier resort entertainment destination.premier resort entertainment destination. 1 Getting Started About our Byways...........................................3 Road Trips as a Survey Course.......................4 Our National Parks..........................................6 All American Roads 1 Chinook Pass Scenic Byway........................8 2 International Selkirk Loop ....................... 12 National Scenic Byways 3 Coulee Corridor........................................ 14 4 Mountains to Sound Greenway................ 18 5 Stevens Pass Greenway .......................... 20 6 Strait of Juan de FucaHwy 112.............. 22 7 White Pass Scenic Byway......................... 24 State Scenic Byways 8 Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway........... 28 9 Cascade Loop.......................................... 30 10 Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor........ 36 11 Chuckanut Drive .................................... 38 12 Columbia River Gorge............................ 41 13 Cranberry Coast Scenic Byway.............. 44 14 Hidden Coast Scenic Byway................... 46 15 Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway............... 48 16 Mount Baker Scenic Byway ................... 56 17 North Cascades Scenic Highway ........... 60 18 North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway ......... 64 19 Okanogan Trails .................................... 67 20 Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.................... 70 21 Palouse Scenic Byway........................... 80 22 San Juan Islands Scenic Byway.............. 84 23 Sherman Pass Scenic Byway................. 88 24 Spirit Lake Memorial Highway ............... 90 25 Swiftwater Corridor................................ 92 26 Whidbey Scenic Isle Way........................ 94 27 Yakama Scenic Byway............................ 97 28 Yakima River Canyon ............................. 98 29 Washington State Ferries ....................100 Fold-out Highway Map WA State Byway Map............ Inside Back Cover Byways Contact List .....................Back of Map NOTE The number in front of each byway name refers to the numbers on the fold-out map located inside the back cover. Published by VGP Destination Marketing 215 W. Holly Street Suite H-24 Bellingham WA 98225 360-676-8625 Publisher Marcus Yearout Account Managers Audrey Fraggalosch Jennifer Coleman Editorial Anne Erickson Craig Romano Marcus Yearout Art Director Julie DeFoerGood Eye Design Social Media Director Jennifer Coleman All rights reserved. 2015 VGP Destination Marketing. Reproduction without written permission is prohibited. On the Cover Liberty Bell Mountain from SR-20 on the North Cascades Scenic Highway. Photo by Aman Agarwal. 9 18 26 48 85 Your journey becomes part of the adventure as you watch free entertainment snack on artisan food and beverages relax in our custom leather power-equipped seats and enjoy our award- winning service. Its all part of Alaska BeyondTM a new ight experience designed to go above and beyond your expectations. Advertised amenities may vary according to aircraft type and route. Limited time offer premium movies and TV shows free through January 31 2015. Alaska Beyond and Calling All Explorers are trademarks of Alaska Airlines Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 3 The National Scenic Byways Program maintains a system of nationally designated routes selected from state programs. Washington State contains 2 All American Roads and 5 National Scenic Byways which are known collectively as Americas Byways. In addition the Washington State Legislature has set aside 22 State Scenic Byways to preserve and enhance the unique scenic historic or recreational qualities found along these routes. Notes on using this guide Whenever we thought it necessary or just fun to mention a detour or alternate route it has been clearly indicated as a Worthwhile Detour or Cool Cut to help readers make the distinction. Worthwhile Detours are side trips we recommend while youre in the neighborhood Cool Cuts will always connect from one Scenic Byway to another. Trip Tips indicate byways for which weve created a sample itinerary on our website www. The articles in this pocket guide are written to inspire you to pack up and hit the road. Please join our community and share your travel experiences and favorite places with us at Facebook.comScenicWashingtonState The byways in this guide are numbered from 1-29 to correspond with the routes highlighted in the fold-out map inside the back cover. The small state icon map on each byway intro page shows you the area in the state where the byway is located but the fold-out map gives you a better idea of the actual route and contact information. Order a full-size fold out Scenic Byways Road Map by calling us at 877-260-2731 or online at About Washington States Scenic Byways Deception Pass State Park Photo by Chris Teren - or Info. Center at 360 902-8844 Were the scenic part of scenic byways... 4 Road trips have a long and storied history in my family. At nearly every gathering well start laughing while recalling one of our past trips when a cousin or one of my sisters or kids inevitably asks Where should we go next This question spawns all kinds of ideas debate and unbridled delight and enthusiasm. Sometimes just jumping in the car with sense of curiosity pointing it in a direction and getting a taste of the little towns and scenic vistas along the way can be as rewarding as hanging out at a particular place for a few days. I know I know its not a new idea. As evidenced by the famous line attributed to Homer no not Simpson from The Odyssey The journey is the thing its clear that this notion predates me by at least two and a half millenia. But I can and will definitely take full credit for believing it. Road trips as a survey course by Marcus Yearout Free Instant Rewards Save 15 Room Upgrade Late Check-Out More with the Value Club. Plus Free Internet Continental Breakfast at most locations. Hometown Comfort and Great Value Edmonds Lakewood Seatac Tukwila Walla Walla 888-315-2378 1000 Hotels Download our free App Offers discounts are subject to availability and may be cancelled at any time. Details at or visit an Americas Best Value Inn. 2015 Vantage Hospitality Group Inc. Not all those who wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkien Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 5 As my dad likes to say on road trips like this This is just the survey course. If you see something you like you can always come back and stay longer on your own time. I totally buy into his thinking. Heading to a specific destination and diving deep for a few days into the local surroundings and culture is a totally different experience. But moving ever forward down the road to see where it leads is the best way possible to get an introductory overview of the land that sculpted both the communities and the very nature of those hearty souls who chose to call these places home. Driving along Washingtons back roads brings with it a sense of romance and adventure. Stopping to eat play or rest at a small one-horse town deep in the forest or high on a desert plateau and listening to the colorful stories being told by the fellow sitting on the next barstool never gets old. Taking turns down roads to discover old dilapidated homesteads tribal battlefields and ghost towns gives you a sense of history and wonder. As in I wonder what happened to the people who settled and tried to build a future here. Washingtons scenic byways are filled with such wonderment. Then theres that scenic part of the equation. From our Pacific coastline and rain forests youll climb up and over the towering Cascade Mountain range and its half dozen or more volcanic peaks to the high desert plains wine country and scablands of central Washington. From here youll ascend slowly into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to where the sun rises on our states eastern border. The beauty youll encounter at nearly every turn will make your toes curl with delight and shorten your breath. Snow-covered mountain peaks ocean beaches lakes waterfalls the mighty Columbia River and stark jagged remnants of ice-age glacial floods are all on full display here. So as you drive along each of our states scenic bywayswhich I highly recommend in a bucket- list kind of wayconsider starting with a survey course to get a sense of everything the byway has to offer. If you drive through a place where you think youd like to spend more time just remember you can always come back later on your own time. As my dad likes to say on road trips like this This is just the survey course. If you see something you like you can always your own time. I totally buy into specific destination and diving deep for a few days into the localfew days into the local surroundings and culture is a totally differentsurroundings and culture is a totally different Sample Road Trips Looking for some travel idea starters Go to www.ScenicWA. com and select Scenic Byways Road Trips from the top navigation menu to view some itineraries that Marcus suggests. Also check out his Suggested Road Trips under the Cities tab. 6 Washingtons National Parks by Craig Romano Nothing defines Washington more than its natural beauty. The states bountiful forests sprawling coast- line and majestic mountains are the pride of her residents and a joy to all who visit. Nowhere is this better showcased than in the states three national parks. Renowned documentary-film producer Ken Burns coined our national parks Americas best idea. If thats true Washington has three of the best ideas on the planet in which to connect and recreate with nature. At Mount Rainier National Park embrace Washingtons iconic mountain up close and personal. Trails of varying degrees traverse resplendent wildflower meadows meander through ancient cathedral forests skirt spray zones of thundering waterfalls and roam to the edges of glistening glaciers. Take to the famous Wonderland Trail that wraps 93 miles around the 14411-foot glacier-covered volcano for an unsurpassed back- country experience. Mountains rainforest and coast the nearly 1 million-acre Olympic National Park is three parks in one. At mile-high Hurricane Ridge stroll through parkland meadows teeming with deer and marmots and stand mesmerized gazing at Mount Olympus one of the snowiest mountains in the country. In the Hoh River Valley walk among moss-draped maples and towering conifers shrouded in mist capturing the mystique of the temperate rain forest. Its home to one of the highest concentration of biomass on the planet fathom the life before you from slugs to legendary elk herds. Along Olympics stunning coastline leave footprints in the sand at some of the wildest ocean beaches in the Lower 48. Admire dramatic headlands and sea stacks teeming with marine mammals and seabird colonies. Washingtons third best idea North Cascades National Park protects one of the largest roadless areas remaining in the continental United States and the highest concentration of glaciers in America outside of Alaska. Here a serrated sea of mountains forms formidable walls around remote valleys and hidden basins home to mountain goats grizzly bears wolverines and wolves. Most of this wilderness park is strictly for adventurous backpackers. But day hikers can follow trails once favored by lonely trappers hardscrabble miners and beatnik poets heading to lofty fire lookouts. And a drive along the North Cascades Highway one of the most awe-inspiring roadways in America provides wonderful wind- shield viewing of the surrounding icy spires. Doesnt a visit to our national parks sounds like a great idea 410 Map is not to scale Get up close and personal with a getaway to Mount Rainier. Take Crystal Mountains Mt. Rainier Gondola to breathtaking views.Marvel at waterfalls while exploring hundreds of miles of hiking trails. From charming hotels to rustic cabins and fully equipped suites youre sure to find the lodging that works for you. 8 By-Lights Crystal Mountain Mount Rainier National Park Tipsoo Lake Pacific Crest Trail Oak Creek Wildlife Feeding Area Naches Fruit Stands The Chinook Scenic Byway runs 87 miles from Enumclaw west of the Cascades to the Naches Valley east of the range. The two-lane pass wraps around the northeastern flank of iconic Mount Rainier revealing everything from wildflowers to waterfalls along the way. Stretches of this byway over Chinook Pass close during winter visit for closure updates. Start your journey in Enumclaw As well as being the western entry point for the Chinook Pass Scenic Byway Enumclaw is the gateway to Crystal Mountain and the two north entrances to Mount Rainier National Park via Highway 410 and through beautiful Stevens Canyon to Paradise during the summer. Year-round events at the Enumclaw Expo Center including the Wine Chocolate Festival Oktoberfest and Scottish Highland Games combined with downtown charm make Enumclaw a popular stop along this all- American road. So grab a slice of goodness at the Pie Goddess and fuel up for the road ahead. Climbing into the old-growth forest About 18 miles east of Enumclaw is stunning Federation Forest State Park with more than 600 acres of old-growth evergreens and 12 miles of hiking trails including three short and very kid-friendly loops. Further up the road Greenwater caters to road Chinook Pass Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 1 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 9 Worth a Detour Cant get enough Mount Rainier Consider detouring to Sunrise. Fifteen miles off the byway via the White River entrance its the highest elevation 6400 feet accessible by car in the park. A day lodge visitor center and hiking trails add context to this wow moment. Left View of Mount Rainier from near Myrtle Falls. Inge Johnsson. Top right Crystal Mountain Gondola is available all year round. Crystal Mountain Resort. Bottom left The kid-friendly Naches Tavern in Greenwater has long been a popular stop for visitors to Chinook Pass. warriors and ski bums with equipment rentals the decorated-by-loggers and family friendly Naches Tavern and a general store. Grab an espresso and a custom knit cap at Wapiti Woolies a local institution since the 1970s. This is also the last gas stop before Whistlin Jack Lodge in Cliffdell 43 miles up and over the 5432 foot summit of Chinook Pass. Rainier views waterfalls and winter play Twenty-three miles east of Enumclaw a pullout supplies your first dazzling glimpse of Mount Rainier. Also nearby look for Skookum Falls an elegant 250-foot cascade. Washingtons largest ski resort Crystal Mountain boasts 2600 acres of world-class terrain along with many slope-side lodging and dining options. The recent addition of the Mount Rainier Gondola transformed Crystal into a year-round destination. The gondola delivers riders to the Summit House Washingtons highest restaurant. 9 boasts 2600 acres of world-class terrain along with many slope-side lodging and dining options. The recent addition of Summit House 10 MOUNT RAINIER CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN Recommended by AAA Fodors Frommers Trip Advisor Next to Mt Rainiers Sunrise entrance. Chalet suites and honeymoon cabin. Top Gorgeous Tipsoo Lake at the summit of Chinook Pass. Inge Johnsson. Left The Pacific Crest Trail overpass is a good access point for hikers. J. Foster Fanning. MT. RAINIER CRYSTAL MTN Perfect summer vacation lodging. Ride the Mt. Rainier Gondola. View the sunrise at Sunrise. Ride horses go hiking savor mountaintop dining more. Nearby Lodging Recommended Stops Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 11 Tipsoo at the top About eight miles past the Sunrise turnoff the byway winds upward along a series of switchbacks to popular photo op Tipsoo Lake. Mount Rainier reflected in these still waters is one of the most photographed nature scenes in the United States. Down the eastern slopes After crossing Cayuse Pass 4675 feet and Chinook Pass 5432 feet look for a breathtaking view east over the American River Valley. The recently rebuilt Chinook Entrance Arch spanning the road is actually a section of the Pacific Crest Trail. Along the American River In Cliffdell on the banks of American River youll find gas and the historic Whistlin Jack Lodge a winter destination for snowmobilers and a pleasant stop year-round. Pull into Naches The Chinook Scenic Byway ends in bucolic Naches pronoucned nat-CHEEZE. Visit a farm stand for the ultimate journeys end reward a leg stretch under the eastern Washington sun and a handful of the freshest fruit around. Theviewfromthe Mt.RainierGondola willleaveyouspeechless Crystal Mountain Resort is best known as a skiers paradise but its more than just that. Its memories waiting to be created. Its family hikes horseback rides and never- ending photo opportunities. Its gondola rides and a gourmet lunch or dinner at what feels like the top of the world. Come for the day or stay the night in a cozy hotel room condo or a nearby cabin. Facebook.comCrystalMountainWashington EAGLE ROCK RESORT Restaurant lounge grocery store gas station RV sites propane. 8590 State Route 410 Naches 509 658-2100 Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at 12 By-Lights 4000 year old Tribal Camas Ovens Boundary Dam Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge SS Moyie Sternwheeler Kootenay Lake Ferry Ride This 280-mile loop provides a taste of international travel as it meanders from Washington into British Columbia Canada and then back down into the United States via Idaho encircling the Selkirk Mountains. The byway runs parallel to the Pend Oreille Rivers northbound waters and passes through Colville National Forest. Established by Theodore Roosevelt the 1.1-million-acre forest is a favorite for birders and wildlife watchers. This scenic loops lakes rivers and trails are a vast uncrowded playground with countless opportunities for year-round recreation scenic beauty and unique cultures. Its small communities are great places to reconnect with slower simpler times. There is solitude and magnificent scenery in the Selkirk Mountains. Here youll find an array of recreation for anyone who loves camping hiking boating or just cruising along winding roads into friendly small communities. Newport The Washington gateway Located 50 miles north of Spokane the southern gateway to Washingtons slice of the International Selkirk Loop is Newport. Straddling the Idaho-Washington border Newport boasts a charming downtown thats worth a stroll. The local museum and Kalispel Tribes 4000-year-old camas ovens at Pioneer Heritage Park should not be missed. Continuing north along SR-20 and onto SR-31 youll enter a stretch of road that is unique enough to warrant its own designation as the North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway. Go to that section of this guide for more information. Cool Cut From SR-20 at Tiger head west through Colville to connect with the Sherman Pass Scenic Byway at Kettle Falls. Bikers enjoy a break overlooking Lake Pend Oreille from Sandpoint ID. International Selkirk Loop SCENIC BYWAY 2 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 13 International Border Crossings Along the North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway travelers follow SR-30 to the Metaline FallsNelway border crossing. You will enter the U.S. into Idaho at the Rykerts- Porthill border crossing. Get information about the documentation that is required at the U.S.- Canada borders at INTERNATIONAL SELKIRK LOOP Order your FREE travel guide A spectacular 280-mile scenic drive around the Selkirk Mtns in Washington Idaho and British Columbia. 1-888-823-2626 Passport required From here just north of Metaline Falls the International Selkirk Loop crosses into Canada. Winding through small historic mining and logging communities each stop along the way offers delightful opportunities to experience local shopping museums cuisine and one-of-a- kind attractions with nary a mall in sight. One recommended stop is Nelson which many travelers refer to as a European village. It is renowned for its eclectic arts scene diverse restaurants boutique shopping and a wide variety of outdoor recreation. In nearby Kaslo voted one of Canadas prettiest towns youll find the SS Moyie North Americas oldest restored sternwheeler. You can then board the SS Osprey which will ferry you across Kootenay Lake and is the longest free ferry ride in the world. Not far from the ferry landing is the community of Crawford Bay which is known for its talented artisans and you are invited to stop and watch them produce their stunning crafts. The road then continues along the east shore of the lake providing you with ample photo opportunities. Entering Idaho Crossing back into the U.S. travelers will connect with Idahos Wild Horse Trail Scenic Byway taking you through scenic farmlands and past the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. Open year-round this recommended stop affords excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. Heading south along the eastern side of the Selkirk Mountains the roadway then follows the Kootenai Tribes historic path to fishing grounds at Lake Pend Oreille in Sandpoint. From Sandpoint you can head east and reenter Washington to complete the loop at Newport following the Panhandle Historic Rivers Passage Scenic Byway. On this route youll enjoy driving along miles of soothing river scenery that reflects the pastoral beauty of surrounding forests and farms. along the east shore of the lake providing you with ample photo opportunities. Crossing back into the U.S. travelersCrossing back into the U.S. travelers will connect with Idahos Wild Horse TrailWild Horse Trail taking you through scenictaking you through scenic farmlands and past the Kootenai National Open year-round this recommended stop affords excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. Heading south along the eastern side of the Selkirk Mountains the roadway then Kootenai Tribes historic path Lake Pend Oreille From Sandpoint you can head east and reenter Washington to complete the loop at Newport 14 By-Lights Columbia National Wildlife Refuge Potholes Reservoir Dry Falls Visitor Center Steamboat Rock State Park Grand Coulee Dam Colville Tribal Museum Welcome to the Southwest in the Northwest. Sure Arizona has the Grand Canyon but Washington has the Grand Coulee. Hit the road along this 150-mile byway for the drama of deep canyons vistas that will make your heart pound and one of the most massive concrete structures in the world the Grand Coulee Dam. Towns unique as their surroundings Othello a farm town in the heart of the Columbia Basin is this byways southern anchor. In August travelers will find fields of sunflowers in full bloom. The northward route skirts Potholes Reservoir a series of marshes that offer prime birding and fishing. Moses Lake this regions biggest city is a good stock-up spot. Further along in Soap Lake dont be startled by the folks covered in black mud on the shores of the intown beach visitors have been drawn to these mineral-rich healing waters for generations. Basalt cliffs and caves Here this byway begins to peg the spectacular meter squeezing into tight basalt corridors climbing high and then dipping down to lakeshore. If the scenery inspires you to get out of the car look for the Lake Lenore Caves trail. Its short steep and pays off in basalt caverns. Coulee Co idor SCENIC BYWAY 3 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 15 Worth a Stop Grand Coulee Dam. A visitor center offers history and displays artifacts from the massive construction project. To stand upon the mighty dam itself take the free tour thats offered every hour. Photo Left Jagged and stunning remnants of the Missoula floods. John Marshall. Top Grand Coulee Dam. Bottom left The Gorge Amphitheatre during the Watershed Festival. Leah Pheifer. Bottom right Fishing at Potholes State Park. John Marshall. Witness the remnants of a glacial flood These steep-walled drainages or coulees are remnants of ancient glacial Lake Missoula floods that scoured a swath across the state of Washington caused the Columbia River to change course and left boulders and rich river sediment in its wake all the way to the Pacific. Become an official Flood Scene Investigator at the Dry Falls Visitor Center and learn more of this compelling storyits easy to imagine the worlds largest prehistoric waterfall flowing over the surrounding cliffs. Lakefront resorts state parks Sun Lakes and Steamboat Rock and even roadside pullouts are packed during summer months with people fishing waterskiing and soaking up sun. Behold the Grand Coulee Look for the Whirligig Windmill Folk Art Garden in Electric City a well-worn roadside attraction that harnesses wind power to charm. Then stop at another attraction that uses waterpower to stagger the imaginationthe Grand Coulee Dam. A visitor center offers history and artifacts and a chance to stand upon the mighty dam itself Take the free tour offered every hour. 16 Nearby Lodging Recommended Stops Colville Reservation After crossing the Columbia River this byway traverses rolling fields dotted with boulders left by retreating glaciers. Once past Nespelem headquarters of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation and the resting place of legendary Nez Perce Chief Joseph the route climbs into pine forests and crosses 3252-foot Disautel Pass before dropping into Omak. Look for sculptures along this stretch depicting the lifestyle and legends of the tribes of the Colville Reservation. Cool Cut From Coulee City go west on US-2 along the ruggedly scenic Moses Coulee through historic Waterville to connect with the Cascade Loop and Stevens Pass Greenway at Wenatchee or Lake Chelan. COULEE CORRIDOR See the dramatic effects of ancient Ice Age floods which left behind majestic coulees waterfalls and pothole lakes. 509-634-1608 GRAND COULEE DAM AREA Shop dine and stay near the dam for a truly memorable experience. 17 Midway Avenue Grand Coulee 509-633-3074 OMAK INN We welcome you to relax and enjoy one of our all mini-suite guest rooms. 912 oala rive mak 800 204-4800 SUNBANKS LAKE RESORT Marina boat jet ski rentals cantina. Villas cabins camping live music. 57662 Hwy 155N Electric City 1-888-822-7195 INN AT SOAP LAKE Discover the healing waters of Soap Lake. Mineral water pumped into this beachfront hotel. Nearby dining. 226 Main Ave. East Soap Lake 800-557-8514 J.FosterFanning For more information Grant County Tourism Commission PO Box 37 Ephrata WA 98823 509 765.7888 1800 992.6234 World-class hunting and fishing Attend concerts at the Gorge Amphitheater Surf the Moses Lake Surf n Slide Water Park Savor wine at local tasting rooms Golf at one of the 15 golf courses Splash in one of 100 lakes Take a wildlife and geographical tour SOLAR-POWERED VACATIONS in Grant County Washington Easy to get to and family affordable 18 Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at By-Lights Woodland Park Zoo Seattle Center Snoqualmie Falls Iron Horse State Park Roslyn and Cle Elum Historic downtown Ellensburg Wind Farm Tours at Wild Horse The Mountains to Sound Greenway is a 100- mile cruise from the heart of downtown Seattle through wilderness farms forests and several small communities of the Cascade foothills on both sides of the mountains. Crossing over Snoqualmie Pass the byway ends in downtown Ellensburg. Seattle The byways urban roots Beginning in Seattle and before getting on the road ride the monorail to the Space Needle and gasp at the gorgeous Chihuly Garden and Glass. Check out Pike Place Market the worlds first Starbucks and the infamous Gum Wall nearby. Family fun includes a day visit to Woodland Park Zoo see back cover and the kid-friendly Pacific Science Center the Experience Music Project EMP and a ride on the newest waterfront attraction the Seattle Great Wheel. Communities in the Cascade foothills After crossing the floating bridge on I-90 pull into downtown Issaquah. Besides a cute shopping and dining district this is an outdoor recreation hub. If youre traveling in fall be sure to stop at the downtown state fish hatchery to see salmon returning to Issaquah Creek. Thundering Snoqualmie Falls and the small towns of Snoqualmie and North Bend are well worth visiting. Find out more about these welcoming communities in the Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor section. Climbing to the Summit The Summit at Snoqualmie a ski area just 50 minutes from Seattle is where many urban kids Mount Rainier seems to float above the downtown Seattle skyline. Mountains to Sound Greenway SCENIC BYWAY 4 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 19 THE BLOEDEL RESERVE Internationally-renowned 150-acre public garden features a Japanese Garden Moss Garden and a formal estate. 206 842-7631 SALMON FISHING CHARTERS Its about your family having fun Fishing Watching Seals Sea Birds while making life long memories. Seattle Everett locations 425-252-4188 COUGAR MOUNTAIN ZOO ISSAQUAH CITY TREASURE A wild and exciting place est 1972. OPEN YEAR ROUND Recommended Stops LeMAY FAMILY COLLECTION See hundreds of vintage vehicles and other collectibles at Marymount Center. 325 152nd St. East Tacoma 253-272-2336 Worth a Detour There are two great attractions connected to the LeMay Family Automobile Collection that you should consider visiting while in the Puget Sound area. The original and by far the largest exhibit of vintage cars is at the historic Marymount Event Center east of Tacoma and the second is Americas Car Museum which is located next to the Tacoma Dome. Visit for more information. cut their first ski turns. Four distinct ski hills offer everything from steep and deep to park riding cross-country skiers snowshoers sledders and snowmobilers flock to this place as well drawn by easy access and scenic beauty. The drier climes of the east side The descent from 3022-foot Snoqualmie Pass has a bonusblue skies replace clouds. Firs become pines hillsides become less tree- and more sage-covered and views become bigger as the byway penetrates into eastern Washington. Glimpses of the Yakima River old farmhouses and open land make this stretch of the road feel like a true escape. This is especially true if you continue your journey using the Swiftwater Corridor route through Roslyn Cle Elum Thorp and Ellensburg on the old highway SR-10 to get a sense of place that those whizzing by on I-90 will surely miss. The eastern terminus of the Mountains to Sound Greenway is Ellensburg but since it overlaps the Swiftwater Corridor Scenic Byway here please go to that section for more information about this stretch of road. 20 By-Lights Tulalip Hibulb Cultural Center Antiquing in Snohomish Stevens Pass Recreation Area Bavarian Leavenworth Pinnacle Peaks Wenatchees Pybus Public Market Follow the route of an old Great Northern Railway line while clinging to the banks of the Skykomish and Wenatchee rivers. On this leisurely slice of the Cascade Loop travelers will wind through tiny hamlets and discover what travel used to be like before all the best places were bypassed. Start the journey in Everett This route through the Cascade Range begins where US-2 joins I-5 at Everett. But dont make the mistake of thinking your journey starts by jumping on US-2 eastbound. Everett has a lot to offer in the way of a historic downtown and excellent waterfront lodging and dining at the West Coasts largest public marina. Stroll downtown Snohomish Once dubbed the Antique Capital of the Northwest Snohomish has expanded to become a hub of art music shopping dining and relaxation therapy. Walking tour maps of the historic downtown district are a good way to get a better sense of place. Sno-cones swifts and snakes Even though Monroe may be best known for the Evergreen State Fair thats held here at summers endsmell the onion burgers and corn dogsit is also home to deadly snakes at the Reptile Zoo and the hands-on regional history displays at the Western Heritage Center. Along the Skykomish From Monroe US-2 ascends through evergreen forests to tiny Skykomish across the river to the south. Duck across the bridge into this former railroad town to see its historic buildings. Bob Johnson performs a twice daily alphorn concert from a hotel balcony in downtown Leavenworth. Marcus Yearout Stevens Pass Greenway SCENIC BYWAY 5 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 21 Cool Cuts From US-2 between Leavenworth and Cashmere take US-97 across Blewett Pass toward to connect with the Swiftwater Corridor Scenic Byway near Cle Elum. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Stevens Pass US-2 businesses have embraced the idea of EV tourism and have installed charging stations at resorts wineries hotels and convention centers in the area creating a dedicated electric vehicle corridor between Seattle and Wenatchee. SKY VALLEY VISITOR CENTER The Stevens Pass Greenway is magical with many little side trips that create a one-of-a-kind journey. Stop at the visitors center for info local tips and trip planning. 320 Main Street Sultan 360 793-0983 Hike the rails along the Iron Goat Trail nine miles of former Great Northern Railroad track complete with bridges and tunnels. Deception Sunset and Wallace are among the picturesque waterfalls you can view within a short drive from the highway along this stretch. Stevens Pass Recreation Area Now the road climbs in earnest revealing wide views across mountain valleys. It peaks at Stevens Pass 4061 feet a world-class ski area with four terrain parks. Stevens Pass recently added a network of mountain bike trails as well as scenic chairlift rides for year-round fun. Bavarian and so much more Leavenworth long ago transcended its trademark Bavarian kitsch. Travelers will discover fine dining locally made wines brews and spirits and recreational opportunities from cross-country skiing to stand-up paddleboarding are all here. Fear notlovers of the lederhosen can still hoist a stein at the biggest Oktoberfest in the U.S. Located at an entrance to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness there is more outdoor recreation than you can shake a walking stick at. Raft ride horses or walk the river this area inspires yodels. Craftsmans at Cashmere A quick detour into Cashmere along Cottage Avenue features beautiful 1900s-era Craftsman bungalows. This is also home to the Cashmere Museum and Pioneer Village and the truly Washington confection Aplets and Cotlets. Wenatchee A popular pick Located on the Columbia River and at the base of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area you may expect plenty of outdoor activity in and around Wenatcheeand youd be right. Hiking biking wildlife and wildflowers abound. This is also apple country so fresh fruit stands and farmers markets including the Pybus Public Market are equally plentiful. As its slogan says What will you pick today Pybus Public 22 By-Lights Elwha River Restoration Joyce Depot Museum Olympic Discovery Trail Salmon fishing at Clallam Bay and Sekiu Like curves This 61-mile byway has 249 of them. Motorcyclists and auto clubs love this road as do fishermen surfers beachcombers and anyone who loves places where wild forests meet the salt water. This route also has stretches designated to honor both Vietnam and Korean War veteransbe sure to look for markers and pay tribute to the men and women who have served our country. Elwha River Restoration Interpretive Center This is a self-guided center housing an overview of the largest dam removal project in the United States that occured on the adjacent Elwha River. A nature trail leading to views of the Elwha River gorge and the former Elwha Dam site can be accessed on foot by using the Lower Dam Road. Olympic Discovery Trail Look for the Olympic Discovery Trail Adventure Route between mileposts 59 and 60 just west of the bridge that crosses the Elwha River. Horseback riders mountain bikers and hikers and trail runners love this moderately strenuous 25-mile stretch of single track. Heres a locals tip On a clear day hike to the one-mile mark for a perfect view of Mount Olympus. The ODT Adventure Route is part of a planned route that when completed will span 130 miles from Port Townsend to the Pacific Ocean at La Push home to the Quileute Nation. Joyce General Store and Depot Museum The Joyce General Store has been this communitys meeting place for more than 100 years. Pick up some penny candy and fuel up next gas is about 35 miles away and if its Strait of Juan de Fuca SCENIC BYWAY 6 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 23 Worth a Detour Salt Creek Recreation Area Follow the signs east of Joyce for tide pools campsites and a sandy beach. Spruce Railroad Trail Turn south on Piedmont Road in Joyce leads to Lake Crescent and this classic lakeshore hike. Lake Ozette Turn south on Hoko-Ozette Road just west of Sekiu to Lake Ozette and the 9-mile cedar boardwalk to the Pacific Ocean. Photo Left Tidepooling at Salt Creek. Dave Logan Above Morning kayak journey at Freshwater Bay. John Gussman Top right Joyce General Store Fishing in Sekiu. Randall Tomaras August ask whoevers behind the counter if one of the towns two restaurants still has wild blackberry pie. Across from the general store the Joyce Depot Museum displays include railroad memorabilia and history photos and artifacts from all the surrounding communities. The depot was built in 1915 celebrating 100 years in 2015 and is the last remaining log depot from the Milwaukee line. Pillar Point County Park Surf this byways hairpin turns through forests and around coves. Real surfers can find waves here when the swell gets bigger than eight feet and comes out of the northwest. Pillar Point County Park at milepost 30 is a fantastic bird- watchingbeachcombing spot. The stout- trunked evergreens crowding the road west of here are Sitka spruce the old cabins of the Pysht logging camp still stand here. Go fishing at Clallam Bay and Sekiu Clallam Bay and Sekiu boom during summer salmon runs. Modest rooms parking-lot camping spots and everything required to catch a salmonexcept for luckis available. Even if you dont fish stop and walk around to take in the sights and smells of the working docks. The hubbub of boat launching catch cleaning and fish-tale swapping is an authentic slice of Pacific Northwest life. The coastal curves continue and the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway ends at milepost 0 its western terminus just outside Neah Bay. 24 By-Lights Riffe Lake Mount Rainier National Park Grove of the Patriarchs White Pass Ski Area Rimrock Lake Oak Creek Feeding Station This 119-mile route that crosses Washingtons southern-most Cascade Mountain pass has a lot to set it apart from its peersviews of Mount Rainier Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens water around every corner and enough wildflowers waterfalls and wildlife to quickly drain the battery of your digital camera. Start at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery The byways western terminus is where US-12 meets I-5 south of Chehalis. Begin your adventure by hiking a trail at historic Lewis and Clark State Park our states fourth state park just south of Marys Corner www.parks.wa. gov538Lewis-Clark Since this byway runs along abundant lakes and rivers the recently opened Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery Visitor Center is a fitting stop. Kids can hoist life-size fiberglass fish inside and then see the real deal outside on the self-guided tour. The Cowlitz attracts anglers from all over the West Coast the Barrier Dam area is a favorite fishing hole. Camping swimming holes and tulips The byway crosses Mayfield Lake and then winds along the north shore of Riffe Lake pronounced Rife and provides plenty of outdoor recreation. Ike Kinswa State Park rents shoreline cabins that are a steal at 50 per night. Get a good view of Mossyrock Damthe states White Pass Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 7 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 25 Worth a Detour Just east of Packwood take SR-123 North to Ohanapecosh then west to visit the Grove of the Patriarchs take some awesome photos of Mt. Rainier from Reflection Lake then up to Paradise at the very base of the grand lady. SR-123 is also a Cool Cut to connect with Chinook Pass Scenic Byway. This route is closed winters so check for road conditions. Left Page Located 13 miles east of downtown Packwood Packwood Lake is a popular day hiking camping and fishing destination. Karen Sykes Above White Pass Ski Area Bottom left Attending an interpretive presentation at the Mount St. Helens Windy Ridge Observatory. Right Elk gathering at the Oak Creek feeding station. Danielle Surkatty tallestat the North Shore fishing access pullout. April visitors will be treated to blooming tulip fields near the town of Mossyrock the DeGoede family has grown flowers here for decades. Exploring the Morton Area In Morton you can catch a movie or play at the Roxy the towns renovated 1930s theater or detour north to Mount Rainier. Beyond Morton the byway rejoins the east end of Riffe Lake where Taidnapam Park offers camping and a kid-friendly fishing bridge. Consider the wonderful drive up SR-7 from Morton to Elbe and its scenic train ride. The view of Rainier from Mineral Lake is a photographers dream. This route is also a nice connector to SR-706 and the Nisqually entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. Randle and the road to Windy Ridge Randle is a good home base for outdoor recreation opportunities that exist in the Gifford 26 Pinchot National Forest. From Randle take a turn south towards Windy Ridge viewpoint for a look into the crater of Mount St. Helens and remnants of the infamous volcanic blast zone including the log debris in Spirit Lake and a standing dead forest. Up and over the byways namesake From Packwood its about 20 miles to the White Pass Summit. White Pass Ski Area recently added two new lifts and a whole new mountain to their skiable terrain along with a new mid- mountain lodge where skiers can fuel up at a waffle bar. Eleven miles of cross-country skiing trails along with base lodging and dining make White Pass a winter getaway for folks from both sides of the state. The warm and dry east side Theres plenty of camping as the pass descends the eastern slopes of the Cascades along the shores of Rimrock Lake and on the banks of the Tieton River. Winter travelers wont want to miss the Oak Creek elk feeding station about two miles before the byway ends. Elk and bighorn sheep gather at feeding stations by the hundreds its one of the best elk-watching spots in the entire United States. Farm fresh Naches Naches marks the end of the line for this byway. Fresh fruit and vegetable stands line the highway but dont pass up the chance to cruise through the historic downtown core for some antique shopping and home-style family restaurants. Pick up travel information at the cute little 50s- era service station-turned-visitor center. Good to Know If you plan to detour into Mount Rainier National Park it requires a 15 day pass. If someone in the car is 62 or older have them buy a lifetime pass it costs just 10 and gets the whole carload into our National Parks. COWLITZ RIVER INN SILVER BEACH RESORT A great place to get away any time of year. Motel cabins campground restaurant and store on Rimrock Lake. 509 672-2500 Nearby Lodging The perfect basecamp to explore Mt. Rainier National Park Mt. St. Helens. 13069 U.S. Hwy 12 Packwood WA 1-888-305-2185 Indian Paintbrush and Mount St. Helens. Karen Sykes Visit our great Cascade destinations. Your adventure awaits. R RSEASONS MOTEL Morton WA 877-496-6835 MILL VILLAGE MOTEL Eatonville WA 800-832-3248 CREST TRAIL LODGE Packwood WA 800-477-5339 NISQUALLY LODGE Ashford WA 888-674-3554 WELCOME 28 By-Lights Makah Cultural and Research Center Cape Flattery Hobuck Beach Tatoosh Island and Cape Flattery Lighthouse The Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway is the first tribal road in the nation to be awarded scenic status. And this is the only road leading to the extreme northwest corner of the lower 48 United States. At 12 miles this is the shortest scenic byway in Washington but its long on scenery and culture and not to be missed if youre traveling the north Olympic Peninsula. Ancestral home of the Makah The entire byway is within the traditional home of the Makah Tribal Nation. It begins as SR-112 and enters the Makah Reservation along the wild western edge of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Lush forests crowd isolated beaches and the rhythm of the surf marks time. The Makah Nation has sustained itself with the bounty of these waters for generations and Neah Bay remains a salmon fishing hot spot for commercial and recreational anglers. Stop at Washburns General Store for anything you might need from firewood to deli sandwiches. Also be sure to pick up an annual recreation pass 10 for hiking. For dining try fish and chips with a marina view at the Warm House or pizza at Lindas Wood Fired Kitchen. Makah Cultural and Research Center The Makah Cultural and Research Center is the nations first tribal museum. It displays thousands of artifacts from the Ozette dig a nearby 3000-year-old Makah fishing village that was preserved pre-European contact by a mudslide around 1750. Visitors come away with a deeper understanding of this place its people and the traditions they continue to honor today. Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 8 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 29 Worth a Detour Lake Ozette Backtracking from Cape Flattery take the 22-mile drive along the Hoko-Ozette Road look for the cutoff heading southwest near Sekiu where youll find the largest natural lake in the state and a showpiece coastal hike some of which is on a boardwalk to protect the wetlands. This is also the near the site not open to the public of the Ozette dig which yielded many of the artifacts on display in the Makah Cultural Museum in Neah Bay. MAKAH MUSEUM See hundreds of priceless artifacts like this 300-500 year old whale saddle from the Ozette Site. 1880 Bayview Ave Neah Bay www.makah.commcrchome.html 360 645-2711 Recommended Stop Far Left Cape Flattery Left Boardwalk trail. Sea Otter. Bigstock. Seastack at Shi Shi Beach. Andy Porter Travelers who want a more complete cultural experience should consider arriving during Makah Days in late August. To the edge of the continent Continue through Neah Bay to the Cape Flattery Trail an easy three-quarter mile hike along rough-hewn boardwalks leading to the westernmost point in the contiguous United States. The name Flattery is not hyperbole this spot is a stunner. The four viewing plat- forms at trails end reveal steep cliffs Tatoosh Island with its historic lighthouse and the seemingly endless Pacific. Linger and look closelygray whales may appear offshore and sometimes sea otters float in the kelp beds directly below. For sandy strolls and toes in the surf head south to Hobuck Beach. Cabins campsites and RV spaces make this a good home base for further exploration. If you have time Shi Shi pronounced Shy Shy further south is a postcard-perfect beach thats worth the sometimes-muddy 8-mile-round-trip hike. 30 By-Lights Everett Waterfront Boeing Tour Tulalip Resort Casino Cascade Valley Wineries Lake Chelan Methow Valley Deception Pass Bridge At 440 miles the Cascade Loop Scenic Byway is so grand that it encompasses three others the Whidbey Scenic Isle Way North Cascades Scenic Highway and Stevens Pass Greenway. If you plan to drive this amazing loop it can be done in a really long day but it is best enjoyed over three or four. Waterfront communities The thing about a loop is that there is no beginning and no end so picking a starting point is tough. Assuming youre starting from Seattle you can head north on I-5 and depart aboard a Washington State Ferry from the tiny waterfront community of Mukilteo to explore the Whidbey Scenic Isle Way leg of the Cascade Loop. Get there a bit early to check out the historic Mukilteo Lighthouse and grab a bite at one of the waterfront restaurants or the local brew pub. While not officially on the loop another nice waterfront ferry landing worth a visit is Edmonds. Come here for a trip across the sound to Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula. Dont rush to the ferry dock. Edmonds a distinctive arts community is filled with boutique shops and eateries and in summer is adorned with hanging flower baskets so plan some time to lollygag. Shopping on your mind Head to Lynnwood and the expansive shopping center of Alderwood. If youre looking for a good home base both Lynnwood and Everett have several accommodation options with rates much lower than in their urban neighbor to the south. SCENIC BYWAY 9 Cascade Loop Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 31 EXPERIENCE THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME WITHOUT TAKING ONE TO GET HERE. OPEN UP to Snohomish County just minutes north of Seattle. Theres a treasure trove of adventure waiting for you to discover. ORDER YOUR FREE GUIDE Facebook.comSnoCoTourism Twitter SnoCoTourism Left Page Balsamroot and jagged mountain peaks of Mt. Cashmere on Stevens Pass. Cashmere Chamber. Top Right Rainbow Bridge in downtown La Conner. Bottom Right Lady of the Lake cruises to Stehekin from downtown Chelan. Andy Simonds 32 MADE POSSIBLE IN PART BY ASSISTANCE FROM THE SNOHOMISH COUNTY HOTEL-MOTEL TAX FUND. where fun begins and learning never ends family-friendly funOPEN UP to in our interactive hands-on exhibits and incredible Rooftop Adventure Or Call 800-662-2044 LESS THAN SEATTLE Lodging Legendary Shopping Legendary Shopping 40 LYNNWOOD WASHINGTONLYNNWOOD WASHINGTON Plan to Stay in LynnwoodPlan to Stay in Lynnwood Just Minutes North of Seattle The bustling port city of Everett is home of the largest public marina on the West Coast and the place where Boeing jets are assembled tour the plant its the largest building in the world. The downtown is very walkable the restaurants here and on the marina are always a good choice. Up and over Stevens Pass From downtown Everett take US-2 eastbound to connect with the Stevens Pass Greenway. Go to that section for more information about this leg of the route. Follow the Columbia to Lake Chelan The Stevens Pass Greenway section will guide you as far as Wenatchee where US-2 intersects with US-97. From here the Columbia River leads the way to Chelan a gorgeous family vacation town that accommodates every whim whether the goal is wine tasting wakeboarding or just laying on the sun-drenched beach for a large dose of vitamin D. A boat ride to the end of the 50-mile lake at Stehekin aboard the Lady of the Lake is a very Worth a Detour Be sure to plan for a couple hours visiting the aviation attractions that surround Paine Field in Everett. The Future of Flight Aviation Center Boeing Tour the Flying Heritage Collection Historic Flight Restoration Center and the Museum of Flight Restoration Center make an excellent half-day outing for aviation and history buffs. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 33 BOEING TOUR From I-5 North or South take Exit 189 to State Hwy 526 West 800.464.1476 8415 Paine Field Blvd Mukilteo WA leisurely and uniquely Washington way to spend a summer day. Heading north from Wenatchee along US-97A take flight at Tunnel Zip Lines where they grow grapes and welcome folks to zip and sip. Two golf courses Bear Mountain Ranch and Desert Canyon are both a short drive from town. Winthrop and the Methow Valley From Chelan drive north to Pateros on SR-153 and then west toward Twisp and Winthrop. A description of this portion of the Cascade Loop can be found in the North Cascades Scenic Highway section of this guide. Cool Cut From Wenatchee head east on US-2 and travel through historic Waterville and the ruggedly scenic Moses Coulee to connect with the Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway. WATERVILLE HISTORIC HOTEL Gadzooks Eureka A 1903 Hotel on stunning wheat plateau 3 hours from Seattle. Starry nights sun-filled days eclectic accommodations. 102 E Park St Waterville 509-745-8695 Nearby Lodging MIDTOWNER HOTEL - CHELAN Centrally located to all Lake Chelan and North Central Washington recreational activities. 721 E. Woodin Ave Chelan WA 1-800-572-0943 34 Entering the Skagit Valley Leaving the North Cascades youll descend gently through the foothills into small communities lush farmland and the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley. Both Mount Vernon and Burlington offer an array of shopping and dining options including some fun handcrafted alehouses. Mount Vernon is also home to a couple of very nice performing arts venuesthe historic Lincoln Theatre downtown and the wonderful McIntyre Hall Performing Arts Conference Center on College Way. Skagit Valleys famous tulip fields This stretch features the fertile Skagit Valley. Skagit Valley is on center stage when the tulips bloom which commences the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. You can take in the daffodils tulips and irises by foot bicycle tour bus or even by helicopter. This is an extremely popular festival with people often stopping in the road to get yet another amazing shot of a tulip field. So plan accordingly as weekends are really busy. In the winter and early spring snow geese and swans blanket the fields. Great places to stretch your legs Nearby Anacortes which connects to the San Juan Islands and Edison which connects to the Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway are fun walkable communities and dont miss the chance to take a stroll and grab a bite in Cool Cuts Since the Cascade Loop encompasses four of our states officially designated scenic byways cool cuts occur in nearly every direction. Take a Washington State Ferry from Mukilteo to explore the Whidbey Scenic Isle Way. From Burlington take SR-20 up and over the North Cascades Scenic Highway to Winthrop. US-2 over the Stevens Pass Greenway runs from Everett to Wenatchee. DRIVE THE CASCADE LOOP Order your FREE Visitors Guide to this fabulous 440-mile Cascade Mountain and Whidbey Island loop tour. 509 662-3888 Tulip Town. Jennifer Coleman Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 35 downtown La Conner. Situated on the banks of the Swinomish Channel this cozy waterfront community is crammed full of boutique shops and family diners. Park on one end and walk the length of the street down one side and back on the other for a delightful afternoon. Fidalgo and Whidbey islands The byway winds north to Anacortes or heads south across Deception Pass to Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. A few miles from I-5 Anacortes on Fidalgo Island is a good spot to find whale-watching excursions. Nearing your journeys end If youre heading to Oak Harbor this route crosses the soaring Deception Pass Bridge onto the second-longest island in the United States Whidbey Island. See the Whidbey Island Scenic Isle Way section for more details. Return to the mainland via the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry. Cool Cut Anacortes is where you can catch a Washington State Ferry to the San Juan Islands Scenic Byway or if your travel plans are taking your north toward Bellingham take the Farm-to- Market Road into Edison to connect with the Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway. LINCOLN THEATRE Historic 1926 theatre. Cinema live performances MET Opera and National Theatre broadcasts. Schedule a tour 712 S 1st St Mount Vernon 360-336-8955 Recommended Stop If youre heading to Oak Harbor this route crosses the soaring Deception Pass Bridge onto the second-longest island in the United States Whidbey Island. See Whidbey Island Scenic Isle Way Drive Scenic Byway. 36 By-Lights Woodinville Wine Country Marymoor Park Snoqualmie Falls Hiking to Rattlesnake Ledge or Mount Si Iron Horse State Park W is for Wine in Woodinville Woodinville marks the northern entry of this bywaya town known for its wineries and tasting rooms more than 90 at last count. From the grand estate housing Washingtons first winery Chateau Ste. Michelle to the bocce court and pizza ovens at the Novelty Hill Januik winery theres something for everyone whos legal age including beer lovers who can swing by the Redhook Brewery for a taste and tour. For an added thrill try swinging from the ropes at Adventura the aerial adventure park next door to the brewery. Redmonds Marymoor Park Follow this stretch of SR-202 south along a corridor of small farms and nurseries to Redmond. The home of Microsoft is also the home of Marymoor Park this regions recreational hub. The park has the only banked bike-racing This 28-mile jaunt is the drive for wine tasters spa lovers and fine-dining fans. Of course there are waterfalls and mountains but everything along the Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor is conveniently close to the states biggest population center making this ramble through the Sammamish Valley the perfect getaway for anyone who needs a break from the big city. Above A delighted visitor stands at the base of cascading Snoqualmie Falls. Aaron Morris Right Wine tasting is a team sport in Woodinville Wine Country. Richard Duval Cascade Valleys Heritage Co idor SCENIC BYWAY 10 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 37 Cool Cut From the Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor when you reach Fall City you can head north through the rolling farmland of Carnation and Duval on SR-203 to connect with the Stevens Pass Greenway portion of the Cascade Loop Scenic Byway at Monroe. From Snoqualmie you can connect with the Mountains-to- Sound Greenway at I-90. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at NW Railway Museum in downtown Snoqualmie. velodrome in the state and a 40-acre off-leash dog park. It also hosts everything from rock concerts to Cirque du Soleil on its grounds. Cascading Snoqualmie Falls Continue south toward Fall City a tiny town on a bend in the Snoqualmie River. The Fall City Roadhouse Inn is a good place to dawdle and grab a bite. From here continue to magnificent Snoqualmie Falls. In 2013 new boardwalks and a lower observation platform were addedbe sure to check out the new perspective on this iconic attraction. Since salmon could not traverse the falls for countless centuries this was a gathering place to fish and trade for tribes throughout the region including the local Snoqualmie Tribe whose casino is just up the hill from the falls. At waterfalls edge the Salish Lodge Spa continues to accrue accoladesCond Nast Traveler recently ranked it No. 9 out of the Northwests 20 top hotels. Visit the historic Snoqualmie Depot As you enter the town you cant miss the antique trains that line the tracks at Snoqualmie. The Northwest Railway Museum hosts tours of the towns Victorian train depot as well as its collection of more than 70 locomotives coaches and cars. Train buffs can also take a five-mile tour of the valley aboard a locomotive. These tours are very popular with the Thomas the Tank Engine set so be sure to book in advance www. North Bend attractions North Bend is the final stop on this corridor a picturesque town with Mount Si filling nearly every view. A steep eight-mile round-trip trail gets you to the top of the most-hiked mountain in the state. If this town looks familiar its because youve seen it on TVthe surreal series Twin Peaks was shot here. The Mar-T Cafe is now Twedes but the neon sign the famous Twin Peaks Cherry Pie and that damn fine coffee all remain the same. Nearby Rattlesnake Lake is a popular hiking camping and fishing site located near the western access to Iron Horse State Park an abandoned railroad line-turned-trail that runs for 110 miles to the Columbia River. 38 By-Lights Skagit Valley tulips Migrating swans and snow geese Artist community of Edison San Juan Islands viewpoints Taylor Shellfish Farm Larrabee State Park Historic Fairhaven District Start in the bountiful Skagit Valley Pastoral Skagit Valley farmland with its picturesque barns and homesteads quickly gives way to the saltwater shores of Samish Bay and views of Anacortes on the tip of Fidalgo Island and Mount Constitution rising high above Orcas. Those tiny dots of land you see poking above the waterline have names like Guemes Cypress and Sinclairall are residents of the San Juan Islands archipelago. While Skagit Valley is world famous for its tulip fields youll also encounter flocks of migrating swans organic farm stands and freshly harvested shellfish. In Bow if it works out schedule-wise dine at the amazing Rhododendron Caf where locally sourced foods and wines are perfectly prepared and served. Next door visit Bonnars Trading Post perhaps the best junk store in Skagit County and Samish Bay Cheese for a tour and a taste. The artist haven of Edison Be sure to plan some time to take the brief detour to Edison. Artists who live and display their works in small boutique galleries occupy many of the buildings in this one-horse town. Foodies always love Tweets Slough Foods and the Breadfarm. Gorgeous island views As you climb out of the valley the road narrows and youre suddenly cruising between the tall This 21-mile road trip from Burlington hugs the sheer sandstone cliffs of the Chuckanut Mountains with views of the San Juans and ends in Bellinghams historic Fairhaven District. This is a wonderful slower-paced alternative to driving I-5. Above One of Chuckanuts numerous viewpoints of the San Juan Islands. Andy Porter Opposite page Kayaking along sandstone cliffs at Larrabee. No Wrong Turns. Chuckanut Drive SCENIC BYWAY 11 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 39 Cool cuts From Edison head south on Farm to Market Road to connect the Cascade LoopWhidbey Scenic Isle Way on SR-20. The San Juan Islands Scenic Byway is accessible via state ferry from Anacortes just a few miles to the west on SR-20. sandstone cliffs of Blanchard Mountainwith its popular nature trails and a hang gliding launchpadand the bay with its gorgeous sunsets and island views. There are several pullouts and trailheads along the curvy route so if you miss one viewpoint dont get reckless another photo op is right around the next turn. In a few miles youll pass a small understated building and in the evening cars will be parked precariously on the shoulder for a mile or more. This is the Oyster Bar legendary for fine dining and even better service. Fresh you ask Just over the cliff at waters edge is Taylor Shellfish Farms pop down for a tour and to grab a bag of freshly harvested oysters. Larrabee State Park Continuing north Larrabee State Park with trailheads to the beach and several alpine lakes on Chuckanut Mountain can easily provide a few days worth of unbeatable outdoor recreation and camping. Need a break from the tent camp stove and fire pit Head to the historic 1890s Fairhaven District just a few miles up the road. sandstone cliffs of Blanchard Mountainwith 40 Strolling the Fairhaven Historic District Chuckanut Bay Gallery is a great first stop then go into Fairhavens core where several restaurants shops bookstores and pubs too numerous to list await. Browse the stacks at Village Books or grab a cup of joe at the original Tonys Coffees Teas. Top it off with a bite to eat at the legendary Colophon Cafe or Skylarks Hidden Cafe where you can enjoy patio dining in the summer. If you decide to stay for a couple days the Fairhaven Village Inn or nearby Chrysalis Inn Spa are fabulous boutique hotels in the heart of town and both are perfect hubs for exploration of the entire area. Worth a Detour Drive or walk along the Bellingham Bay waterfront to downtown Bellingham. Youll pass the spot where Lummi Tribal families camping and fishing on the beaches here first spotted Captain George Vancouvers ship Discovery sailing into Bellingham Bay in 1792. BURLINGTON WA It all starts in Burlington. Located at the center of FIVE scenic byways. Lodging Shopping Recreation. 360-757-0994 TAYLOR SHELLFISH FARM STORE Sustainably farmed quality shellfish from our nursery to your table. 2182 Chuckanut Drive Bow 360 766-6002 FAIRHAVEN VILLAGE INN A charming 22-room hotel located in the Historic Fairhaven District. 1200 10th Street Bellingham 1-877-733-1100 CHR SA IS INN S A A respite for the body mind and soul capturing the essence of the Northwest. 804 10th Street Bellingham 1-888-808-0005 Nearby Lodging Recommended Stops Fairhaven District. Bellingham Whatcom Tourism Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 41 By-Lights Pendleton Woolen Mills Tour Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center Wind Surfing Kite Boarding on the Columbia River Petroglyphs at Columbia Hills State Park Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge Entering the Columbia River Gorge In the summer Camas is adorned with huge flower baskets making a stroll to visit the shops and restaurants a delightful experience. A nice old hotel in the heart of town is a great place to start your exploration of the gorge. In neighboring Washougal be sure to visit the Pendleton Woolen Mills store and factory. Here you can see the process firsthand from the state- of-the-art dyehouse through spinning and weaving to the finishing of its distinctive American Indian blankets. North Bonneville and Beacon Rock The city of North Bonneville is a good headquarters for fishing hiking and outdoor exploration. Greenleaf Bass Kidney and Tule lakes are all within city limits and the town features 12 miles of paved ADA-accessible trails plus a gorgeous disc golf course. Nearby Bonneville Dam and Bonneville Hot Springs are well worth checking out. Three miles west of town Beacon Rock State Park has a switchback path with handrails to the top of the impressive 848-foot Beacon Rock. Downtown Stevenson Stevenson boasts several tasty locally owned eateries along with a riverfront trail and park The Columbia River cut this dramatic sea-level passage through the Cascade Mountains on its way to the Pacific Ocean eons ago. Lewis and Clark explored this path centuries ago. Today modern travelers are awestruck at the natural beauty of the 80-mile Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway. Maryhill Museum Marcus Yearout Entering the Columbia River Gorge is adorned with huge flower baskets making a stroll to visit the experience. A nice old hotel in the heart In neighboring Washougal be sure to visit the store and factory. Here you can see the process firsthand from the state- of-the-art dyehouse through spinning and Columbia River Gorge SCENIC BYWAY 12 42 WelcometoSKAMANIACOUNTYWashington ColumbiaRiverGorgeNationalScenicAreaGiffordPinchotNationalForest MountSt.HelensNationalVolcanicMonumentPacificCrestTrail ANDOfficialSasquatchRefugeallinsouthwesternWashington Skamania County Chamber of Commerce 167NWSecondStreet Highway14Stevenson WA98648 50942789118009899178 skamania.chamber thats a popular launch for kiteboarding. Pair all that great food with award-winning craft beer and both a new distillery and new cidery on the waterfront. Located near downtown the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum tells both the geological and human history of this region. In the museums Creation Theatre you can experience the cataclysmic formation of the gorge. Its logo She Who Watches is based on a petroglyph you can see at Columbia Hills State Park a bit further up the road. The heart of windsurfing country Continuing along rivers edge Bingen pronounced BIN-jin is always abuzz with the recreation junkies and nature lovers that populate this place year-round. The Hatchery a launch near Bingen is a great place to see windsurfers and kitesurfers. Several restaurants and brewpubs offer local fare liberally spiced with local flair think windsurferkiteboarder culture. White Salmon River Flowing from Mount Adams all the way into the Columbia River the White Salmon River is a year-round favorite spot for kayakers and white- water rafters. Drive up the hill through White Salmon toward BZ Corner to find several rafting companies that offer experienced guides and white-water thrills. Dont want to get wet Guided horseback trail rides are also plentiful in these parts. Accommodations here range from the historic Inn of the White Salmon to tree houses. Worth a Detour From Carson go north along Wind River to the Mount St. Helens Windy Ridge Viewpoint. Youll climb steadily past waterfalls and through a standing dead forest to arguably one of the best views of the crater and the log- strewn Spirit Lake. Continuing north from Windy Ridge will connect you with the White Pass Scenic Byway US- 12 at Randle. Note that this route is closed in the winter so check before heading out. Petroglyphs at Columbia Hills State Park. Marcus Yearout Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 43 Nearby Lodging Columbia Gorge wineries The White Salmon area also marks the western edge of the Columbia Gorge wine-growing regionwine lovers will encounter more than 20 regional winemakers as they continue on their journey eastward. Syncline COR Cellars and Maryhill Winery are just a small sampling of the notable wineries and tasting rooms along this route. Check out the summer concerts at Maryhill Winery where the natural acoustics of the gorge and stunning backdrop create a world-class concert venue. Columbia Hills State Park Campers rock climbers and archaeology buffs shouldnt miss Columbia Hills State Park. Climbing opportunities abound in the basalt buttes of this 3000-acre park. More than 100 Native American pictographs are tucked into these rocks including the famed She Who Watches the logo of the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge The Maryhill Museum of Art houses a collection of European paintings including 80 works by Auguste Rodin as well as American Indian artifacts. With its caf and outdoor sculpture garden a nearby replica of Stonehenge and the Maryhill Winery and concert stage right next door this place proves culture doesnt need a big city to thrive. Cool Cut The Columbia River Gorge overlaps the Lewis Clark Trail Scenic Byway and also connects directly to the Yakama Scenic Byway over US-97 from near Maryhill Museum toward Goldendale and Toppenish. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at TIMBERLAKE CAMPGROUND RV PARK ...............509-427-CAMP 2267 112 Bylin Rd Home Valley WA. A forested 22-acre park designed to provide the ultimate in camping pleasure. Stonehenge Memorial Arthur Yeo 44 By-Lights Westport Winery sculpture garden Westport Maritime Museum Cranberry bogs in Grayland Northwest Carriage Museum This 49-mile byways name honors the tart berry farmed in bogs in this coastal region cranberries once grew wild here but the wild beauty of the Pacific is what this byway is really all about. Around the harbor to Westport As you head toward Westport on SR-105 the first winery and vineyard in Grays Harbor the Westport Winery beckons with a 40-foot lighthouse. This is no mere tasting room theres also a sculpture garden nine holes of pasture golf a bakery a dog park and plans for an arboretum. In Westport climb the 135 steps to the top of Grays Harbor Lighthouse Washingtons tallest to appreciate how relentlessly the ocean changes landscapes. This beacon was once 400 feet from the water and now its 3000 feet from the shore. Westport itself is on a peninsula with a marina on one side and Washingtons most consistent surfing break on the other. Several surf shops rent and sell gear and will provide lessons and tips on the best spots to hit the waves. The Westport Maritime Museum directly across from the marina is also worth a browse. Craving seafood A fresh fish stand on Float 8 will pack the days catch on ice for you. The heart of cranberry country Backtrack out of Westport and drive south to Graylandthe heart of cranberry country. For a closer look at the local crop visit in October Above Tending a cranberry bog in Grayland Right Commercial and charter fishing vessels docked at the Westport marina. Cranbe y Coast Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 13 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 45 Worth a Detour Turn off SR-105 onto Tokeland Road and explore the remote and weathered Tokeland Peninsula near Cape Shoalwater. A visit to the Tokeland Hotel Restaurant the oldest resort hotel in Washington State is always a good idea. Cool Cuts The Cranberry Coast is a bypass of a stretch of the larger Pacific Coast Scenic Byway on US-101 which you can rejoin at Raymond. Continue south to Long Beach Peninsula and an intersection with another of our byways the Lewis Clark Trail. BREAKERS BOUTIQUE INN Whether a single or a group up to 17 we have the room or suite for you. 971 N. Montesano St Westport 800 898-4889 NW CARRIAGE MUSEUM Recommended Stop Nearby Lodging Amazing collection of horse drawn carriages and so much more A must see 314 Alder Street Raymond WA 360-942-4150 and tour a bog during the Cranberry Harvest Festival. Grayland Beach State Park offers campsites that are close to the ocean along with good kiteflying and clam digging. Continue south toward Cape Shoalwater and Washaway Beach the site of the most rapid erosion on the Pacific Coast. Approximately 100 feet of land a year vanish into the sea here and the sight of homes being slowly consumed by the relentless Pacific is surreal and humbling. Visit some stars of the silver screen The byway winds eastward now along Willapa Bay toward Raymond. In this rural community discover more than 200 steel sculptures dotting the landscape and take time to explore the one- of-a-kind Northwest Carriage Museum. This collection of horse-drawn carriages will give you a new appreciation for the internal combustion engine that carried you so conveniently along this byway. Among buggies featured in many famous films is the carriage used by Belle Watling in Gone with the Wind. 46 By-Lights Polson Museum Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge Razor Clamming Driving on the beach at Ocean Shores Picturesque Community of Seabrook Quinault Tribes Cultural Center This 41-mile trek is perfectly named because Washingtons coast is not always obviousits bays and inlets mean you cant just hop on the 101 and see the whole thing. Washington hides her treasures but travelers who explore the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway will be well rewarded with moss-draped forests prime storm watching and between squalls Pacific sunsets that are absolute perfection. Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge Hoquiam Aberdeens sister city is the gateway to adventures on Washingtons north coast. The Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge on the western edge of Hoquiam is a stop on the Pacific Flywayin the spring the skies and tidal flats here are alive with thousands of shorebirds. Photographers flock to this spectacle as well. Ocean Shores A family favorite Head north and detour into Ocean Shores. Beachfront hotels campsites at Ocean City State Park and attractions ranging from horseback rides on the beach to go-karts make this a family-friendly ocean getaway. Walk into the jaws at Sharkys souvenir shop its as kitschy as it sounds and youll love every minute of it. In short Ocean Shores is a great place to headquarter for your exploration up the hidden coast. Entering the hidden coast Many small family-owned resorts dot SR-109 up at the coast. The Green Lantern Pub in Copalis Beach more a postal designation than Hidden Coast Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 14 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 47 Cool Cut Near the northern tip of SR-109 at Moclips a drive eastward on the Moclips Highway links up with Highway 101 head north for Lake Quinault and its historic lodge on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. THE CANTERBURY INN Your beach place. Right on the Pacific Ocean. Fireplaces and flat screen TVs living rooms and complete kitchens. 643 Ocean Shores Blvd NW Ocean Shores 800-562-6678 Nearby Lodging OCEAN CREST RESORT Perched on a 120 Bluff with Ocean View Rooms Award Winning Restaurant Spa and Indoor Pool. 4651 SR 109 Moclips 360-276-4465 Seabrook Land Co. an actual town is a burger-and-brew place thats always packed during razor clam digs. Another highlight of this stretch is a ghost foresttrees that were killed by a tsunami in the 1700s that remain standing gray and skeletal today. The living forests in this area provide the best wild mushroom hunting in the state. Sunset at Seabrook Like your near-the-beach accommodations to look like they were lifted from the pages of Sunset Magazine Consider a stay at Seabrook a recently built development that actually has been featured on the cover of that magazine. Continue north to Pacific Beach and Moclips communities that have been around considerably longer and have the quirk-factor to prove it for example check out the Kelpers Festival parade that winds down the highway between the two towns every September. Tribal and local history Learn more about local history with a visit to the Museum of the North Beach in Moclips and then continue your journey to the end of the road at Taholah home of the Quinault Indian Nation. A Quinault cultural center here has artifacts and photographs from the people who lived here long before tourists discovered it. This spot where the Quinault River empties into the Pacific is the dividing line between the wide beaches of the south coast and the rugged and wild north coast. 48 By-Lights Hells Canyon Sacajawea State Park Interpretive Center Beacon Rock State Park Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge replica Wine tasting in Tri- Cities and Walla Walla Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Long Beach Peninsula Lewis and Clarks epic 570-mile adventure through Washington and along the Columbia River was among the most vivid and compelling episodes of their journey. In 1805 the Corps of Discovery entered present-day Washington State near Clarkston in the Hells Canyon region where the Snake Salmon and Clearwater rivers converge. Beacon Rock is noted as the first place they detected tidal influences and realized they were nearing the Pacific. Clarkston and Hells Canyon The corps twice found shelter with the Nez Perce Tribe near Clarkston Alpowai Interpretive Center features exhibits that tell the story of their stay here. If time allows take a half-day jetboat trip into Hells Canyon Americas deepest river gorge much of the landscape is the same today as it was 200 years ago. Native petroglyphs can be found on the canyon walls near Asotin. Campsite on Patit Creek in Dayton Go west on US-12 to the spot where the explorers set up camp on the banks of Patit Creek in Dayton on May 2 1806. A full-scale replica of the campsite and an interpretive kiosk provide a glimpse of what it may have looked like here when the corps passed through on their return route. The corps reaches the Tri-Cities From Waitsburg following SR-124 will keep you close to the original westbound route of the corps to the Tri-Cities. At Sacajawea State Park you can visit the interpretive center that highlights the important role that Sacajawea played in the success of the corps mission. Youll also be able to enjoy the scenery where the Beacon Rock. Peter Marbach Lewis Clark Trail SCENIC BYWAY 15 CELEBRATE WINE COUNTRY WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT For a brighter bolder and better get-away than youve ever experienced come to Tri-Cities the Heart of Washington Wine Country. Celebrate at a multitude of vibrant festivals and events and revel in the brilliant colors of our world. Experience world-class wines at over 200 wineries in an hour drive. Add an exclamation point to your lifes biography. BRIGHTER BOLDER BETTER. LIVE YOUR LIFE A WHOLE LOT 800-254-5824 Two waterfront restaurants a brewpub hotel lodging Lighthouse public art Ice food beverages to go Scenic viewpoints public plazas Boat launch marina Come visit explore discover and celebrate Kennewicks waterfront. 509.586.1186 CLOVER ISLANDEastern Washingtons... Photoscourtesyof andCedarsRestaurant Snake meets the Columbia and Yakima tivers. Due to the location on three major rivers and 300 days of sunshine a year the Tri-Cities Pasco Kennewick Richland and recently incorporated West Richlandis an outdoor recreational mecca. Whether you are seeking water sports fishing bird-watching or just soaking up the sunshine there are new adventures available here with the changing of every season. Appealing to boaters bicyclists birders and visitors alike Clover Island is a good starting point. Tri-Cities is home to eight national wildlife refuges and reserves notably the Hanford Reach National Monument. Located on the longest free-flowing and non-tidal stretch of the Columbia River its one of the regions most prominent wildlife viewing areas. In Walla Walla and the Tri- Cities you are literally in the center of Washington wine country. Along with the bountiful Yakima Valley this is where most of the grapes that have made Washington wines world-famous are grown. Be sure to plan a day or two exploring the wineries and tasting rooms in Worth a Stop Clover Island Marina in Kennewick offers easy access to miles of river on the Columbia and is just minutes away from the Snake and Yakima rivers all of which offer spectacular fishing family water- sport fun or relaxed sailing. Stroll the Riverwalk where youll find a variety of dining options on the banks of the Columbia. Washington Wine Country The REACH Featured exhibits the Ice Age Floods Hanford Reach National Monument the Columbia Basin Project and the Manhattan Project National Historic Park. 509-943-4100 Recommended Stop BARNARD GRIFFIN WINERY Taste reserve wines in our Tasting Room. Enjoy the cuisine in our Wine Bar Eatery. Celebrate your day in the Tri-Cities 878 Tulip Lane Richland 509-637-0266 HEDGES FAMILY ESTATE Wine place and bloodline cultivated in a specific geography. 53511 N. Sunset Rd Benton City 509-588-3155 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 51 F 52 Lewis Clark Slept Here Located on what is often referred to as The Forgotten Trail of the Lewis Clark expedition Dayton should not be forgotten during your visit to this part of the state. With three historic districts four heritage museums and over 115 buildings and homes on the State and National Historic Register Dayton has a lot of history to share. GARFIELD COUNTY COURTHOUSE This Grand Lady 114-years-old graces historic downtown Pomeroy reflecting her communitys pioneer heritage. Return to Walla Walla On the corps return journey in 1806 they selected an alternate route that parallels todays US-12 through Walla Walla. Like its Tri-Cities neighbor this scenic region at the foot of the Blue Mountains is also popular for outdoor recreation but these days it is perhaps best known for great wines. No less than 100 wineries are clustered around the communityeach with its own unique character and quality. Popular events like Spring and Fall Release Weekend and Holiday Barrel Tasting are great for sampling Walla Walla wines and meeting the winemakers and growers. A stroll through historic downtown Walla Walla is an unforgettable blend of urban chic and rural hospitality. Be sure to swing by the fully renovated Marcus Whitman Hotel dating back to 1927 the hotel hosts regular wine-pairing dinners and events. Joining the Columbia River At Maryhill with its well-known museum and Stonehenge replica the Lewis and Clark Byway joins the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway for almost 100 miles until it reaches the town of Washougal. Lewis and Clark explored this route two centuries ago and today modern travelers will be awestruck by the natural beauty of this stretch of the Columbia River Gorge that still remains relatively untouched by time. Columbia Hills State Park The Lewis and Clark expedition camped at the village near the current Columbia Hills State .com WALLA WALLA WINEMAKER. FlyAlaska Airlines from Walla Walla and check your first case of wine free It takes more than terroir and climate to make great wine. Walla Walla is home to dozens of family-run wineries dedicated to creating some of the worlds nest earning our place in Wine Enthusiasts 2014 Ten Best Wine Travel Destinations. Rick Small Woodward Canyon Winery WALLA WALLA 5TH GENERATION WHEAT FARMER. 1ST GENERATION INNOVATOR. 54 Park and described its wooden houses in one of their journals. Important tribal pictographs that predate the Lewis and Clark expedition were rescued from inundation by the backwaters of the Dalles Dam and can be viewed here. Beacon Rock State Park Recreation and history converge at Beacon Rock west of Bonneville. This core of an ancient volcano was mentioned in the Lewis and Clark journals and marks the spot the explorers noticed tidal influences and knew they were near the Pacific. Captain William Clark Park On March 31 1806 the corps established a camp at Cottonwood Beach in Washougal while they secured provisions for the return trip through the Columbia River Gorge and points east. Replicas of their dugout canoes can be seen at nearby Captain William Clark Park. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Those interested in history should plan a stop at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. This pre-Civil Warera military complex is also the location of an early Hudsons Bay Company fur-trading outpost. Daily interpretive presentations by staff in period clothing bring the life and times of these rugged trappers and traders to life. There are dining options on a nearby riverfront strand. Dismal Nitch and Station Camp sites On the last leg of your journey youll find Clarks Dismal Nitch. This is the place where the Worth a Stop Fort Columbia State Park is located at Chinook Point National Historic Landmark. It is adjacent to the Corps of Discoverys Station Camp site. The fort was built in 1896 to support the defense of the Columbia River. Visitors can walk around three artillery batteries and two coastal artillery guns on the park grounds. Fur trading is explained to visitors at the Hudsons Bay Company stockade at Fort Vancouver. pre-Civil Warera military complex is also thepre-Civil Warera military complex is also the location of an early Company Daily interpretive presentations by staff in period clothing bring the life and times of these rugged trappers and traders to life. There are dining options on a nearby riverfront strand. Dismal Nitch and Station Camp sites On the last leg of your journey youll find Clarks Dismal Nitch. Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 55 team retreated from miserable weather to a cove that Clark later referred to in his journals as this dismal nitch. The corps culminated their westward journey at Station Camp near present-day Chinook where the corps spent 10 days before deciding to move across the river for the winter. Ocian in view O the joy. The forceful presence of Pacific Ocean wind waves and salt water 20 miles up the Columbia River elicited this celebrated and misspelled exclamation from William Clark. It would be more than a week later before they reached Pacific surf on the Long Beach Peninsula. Cape Disappointment and the Long Beach Peninsula From Station Camp Clark and a party of men crossed the Cape Disappointment headlands for their first full glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. Located near Ilwaco at the southern base of the Long Beach Peninsula Cape Disappointment State Park and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center are a fitting end to exploration along this byway. You can learn more about the Long Beach Peninsula in the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway section. Perched high on a cliff over a cove the centers murals displays and films recount this legendary journey to the Pacific Ocean. Two lighthouses Cape Disappointment and North Head are picturesque and worth the short hike. North Head is open for tours but there is a 4-foot height restriction for children. You can rent the lighthouse keepers residence youll see near the parking lot www.parks.wa. gov378VacationHouses. Take it in and be grateful that your journey home doesnt involve paddling and hiking the thousands of miles back to Missouri Long Beach Peninsula Explore the delightful seaside community of Long Beach with its colorful shops great seafood kite museum horseback riding and expansive beach. The beachside board- walk is part of the Discovery Trail that will get you all the way to Ilwaco by way of the North Head Lighthouse. At the far north end of the peninsula youll encounter historic Oysterville and Leadbetter State Park a shorebirders paradise. CAMAS HOTEL Historic hotel located between Portland and the scenic Columbia River Gorge. 405 NE 4th Ave Camas 360-834-5722 Nearby Lodging SHELBURNE INN RESTAURANT PUB................................360-642-2442 4415 Pacific Way Seaview. Historic inn with 15 rooms complimentary breakfast and wifi. Award-winning restaurant and pub. View from inside the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse which sits high on a bluff near the Lewis Clark Interpretive Center. Tours are available. 56 By-Lights Downtown Bellingham Glacier Nooksack Falls Old-growth forest Mount Shuksan at Picture Lake Mount Baker Ski Area Artists Point Following the Nooksack Take I-5 Exit 255 from Bellingham and soon after the last stoplight has faded in your rearview mirror youll come to Deming the last large community youll encounter on this journey. This entire region is the traditional home of the Nooksack Indian Tribe its tribal casino is located here. Mount Baker Vineyards is just a couple miles west of town. Wine lovers will want to make a note to swing in for a tasting on the way back down from the mountain. Just a mile or so past Deming at the SR-9 intersection a three-mile side trip to Van Zandt will reward you with a great view of Mount Baker and the snowcapped Twin Sisters Mountain. Stop at Everybodys Store. The Los Angeles Times noted an encyclopedic array of organically grown produce medicinal herbs home-baked goods wines and smoked salmon. Small welcoming communities Back on SR-542 youll pass the North Fork Brewery. Despite the brewery name it is a very family-friendly pizzeria beer shrine and wedding chapel. Yes you read that right. Winding along the banks of the Nooksack River through small logging communities past waterfalls and alongside old-growth forest groves this 58-mile trek ends at the base of the 10781-foot volcano Mount Baker. Mount Baker Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 16 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 57 Cool Cuts Take SR-9 south from Deming to get great views of Baker and the Twin Sisters. A seasonal scenic railway runs from Wickersham to Lake Whatcom. The leisurely and winding Highway 9 connects with the North Cascades Scenic Byway at Sedro-Woolley or continues to the Stevens Pass Greenway near the town of Snohomish. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at Left Mt. Shuksan from Picture Lake near the ski area. Brett Baunton Top Right Hiking trail near Heather Meadows. Bellingham Whatcom Tourism Bottom Enjoying an outing at Mount Baker Vineyards. Marcus Yearout Over the next 20 miles youll pass through the tiny communities of Kendall Maple Falls visitors center and the last stop for gas and Glacier. A noteworthy stop in Glacier is Grahamsa wood-planked restaurant and saloon as homespun and local as it gets. A U.S. Forest Service ranger station just past Glacier is the place to stop for hiking trail and camping information and backcountry permits. Interpretive trail and waterfalls Turn onto Glacier Creek Road and head toward the Skyline Divide trail to find the Boyd Creek Interpretive Trail on FS-37 this short self- guided nature trail focuses on components of healthy fish habitat. At milepost 40 youll see the cutoff to Nooksack Falls. Take a short drive on a gravel road to reach the parking area and another short walk to view the falls. The Nooksack River takes an 80-foot drop and the view is incredible but respect the fencing when photographing. The scenic road to the top From here the road climbs quickly through a series of switchbacks. A mile before the ski area 58 grab your camera and take the short hike down to the waters edge at little Picture Lake. The view of Mount Shuksan from here is as good as it gets. Many people go home thinking theyve captured the perfect shot of Mount Baker when in fact it cant even be seen from here. To get that photo of Mount Baker youll need to continue past the ski area to Artist Point which opens sometime in July until around mid- October. Its worth timing your trip accordingly the hikes are great and the views of the Cascades from here are breathtaking. Worth A Detour While visiting the states northwest corner take a detour up to the Canadian border to see Peace Arch State Park pictured and a visit to the border community of Blaine and consider taking the short cruise from downtown aboard the historic MV Plover across the harbor to Semiahmoo Resort. Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 59 Duty Free Americas Stop Shop Save BEFORE visiting Canada Youll enjoy savings on Spirits Wine Beer Tobacco Fragrances Cosmetics Watches and so much more20 - 12th Street BlaineWA 98231-4029 360-332-5223 Currency Exchange Available BELLEWOOD ACRES Visit the Farm and Distillery for Artisan spirits food products and NW country gifts. A farm to table experience. Guide Meridian-8 Minutes N. of Bellingham 360-318-7720 EVERYBODYS STORE This famous exotic general store thrives in the lush South Fork Valley. Where Upscale meets Down Home 5465 Potter Road Van Zandt 360-592-2297 MARINE LIFE CENTER The center showcases marine life and habitat in Bellingham Bay and throughout Puget Sound. 1801 Roeder Ave Bellingham Our newly remodeled hotel is tucked away off Meridian St. for a quiet peaceful stay. 4160 Meridian St. Bellingham WA 360-671-4800 HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS BELLINGHAM Recommended Stops Nearby Lodging MOUNT BAKER LODGING Perfect home base for skiing hiking and enjoying Mt. Baker. 1 source for private vacation rental homes. 800 709-7669 SILVER REEF HOTEL CASINO SPA Experience luxury in our casino hotel spa and world-class restaurants. 4876 Haxton Way Ferndale WA 1-866- 383-0777 60 By-Lights North Cascades National Park Diablo Lake Boat Tours Pacific Crest Trail Heli-skiing in the Methow Tawlks-Foster Suspension Bridge Old West Winthrop Smokejumper Base Rich logging history This byway begins in a town named Sedro- Woolleya timber town adorned with chainsaw art some of it made at its Fourth of July Loggerodeo. Then further up the road Concretes big towers still standa testament to the industry that named the town. Look up in the cottonwoods and alders as the road hugs the Skagit River through Rockport this is a one of the biggest wintering areas for bald eagles in the continental U.S. In Marblemount stop in at the Eatery for a cinnamon roll thats the stuff of road food legend. Or pull over at the Cascadian Home Farm stand for a freshly picked organic raspberry shake with real ice cream The 140-mile North Cascades Scenic Highway is one of those roads people line up for literally. In the spring when the road reopens theres a line of cars waiting to take in the craggy peaks and turquoise lakes of the states northernmost Cascade Mountain pass. Note the word reopens This pass typically closes from late November to early May so check with the State Department of Transportation before hitting the road North Cascades Scenic Highway SCENIC BYWAY 17 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 61 Worth a Detour Located near the west entrance to the North Cascades National Park Mount Vernon and Burlington are great home bases from which to explore nearby La Conner Anacortes and the Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway. Left The climb to Liberty Bell Mountain on the North Cascades Hwy. Andy Porter Top Right The emerald green waters of Diablo Lake. Brett Baunton Bottom Road biking near Winthrop. Turquoise lakes behind towering dams Gorge Diablo and Ross lakes are all stop- worthyas are the dams that made them. Explore Gorge Powerhouse and be sure to take the short hike up Ladder Creek Falls behind the dam. Visit at night to see the restored historic light show coloring the falls. Hang your head over the non-lake side of Diablo Dam and marvel at the chasm below. Or at milepost 134 hike the one-mile trail down to Ross Dam. Boat powerhouse and walking tours are available and a great way to get a sense of the place. Seattle City Light has been offering the popular Diablo Lake Boat Tours for more than 80 years. Get information or pick up a ticket at the Skagit Visitor Center in the historic company town of Newhalem right behind the steam locomotive. The stunning Methow Valley When you reach the summit at Washington Pass the amazing panorama before you is the Methow pronounced MET-how Valley. The 62 NORTH CASCADES INSTITUTE Eco-friendly retreat celebrating 10 years in the heart of the North Cascades National Park offers year- round learning adventures for all ages. 360-854-2599 Nearby Lodging CHEWUCH INN CABINS An easy walk to downtown Winthrop. We offer guest rooms and private cabins with full breakfast included. 223 White Avenue Winthrop 800 747-3107 BEST WESTERN PLUS SKAGIT VALLEY Enjoy access to recreation and shopping in our large rooms perfectly suited for families and furry friends. 2300 Market Street Mt. Vernon 360-428-5678 Methow welcomes travelers with rolling hills and Rolling Huts look for the unique vacation cabins on wheels on the left about five miles beyond Mazama. Hiking opportunities are endless and for the more adventurous North Cascade Heli-Skiing Washingtons only heli-ski outfitalso operates out of Mazama near the enchanting Freestone Inn. You can also test your nerve by driving across the Methow River on the nearby Tawlks-Foster Suspension Bridge. Winthrop Old West meets RB Winthrop put on the Wild West trappings when the highway was built to tempt visitors to linger and linger they do. Kids can spend hours in the open-air Sheris Sweet Shoppe playing Putt- Putt golf posing for photos in saddles and getting hyper on homemade fudge. A popular stroll to the Spring Creek Suspension Bridge will reward you with nice river views bald eagles and spawning salmon in the fall. Bear Creek a family-owned seasonal nine-hole golf course is located near the east end of town for the avid golfers among you. For the past 27 years in mid-August Winthrop has played host to an amazing Rhythm Blues Festival so make sure that your travel plans are synced up to either attend or avoid this insanely popular event. Definitely make plans to spend a couple of days here to explore the town valleys and mountains. Worth a Detour Located just a few miles from downtown Winthrop Pearrygin Lake State Park is a popular sun and water fun destination. It features a 1200- acre park with lake and mountain views boat ramps for water skiing a large fishing dock trails and campsites. North Cascades Institute - Connecting people nature and community through education since 1986 or 360 854-2589. North Cascades National Park - Enjoy summer learning and recreation www.nps.govnoca or 360 854-7200. Photo credit David Astudillo Skagit Tours skagittours Dine Explore Tour Encounter the beauty adventure and fun of the North Cascades. To learn more about what awaits you visit or call 360 854-2589. EXPERIENCE the North Cascades SKAGIT TOURS 2015 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 63 Twisp and Smoke Jumpers The North Cascades Byway wraps up in Twisp home of the North Cascades Smokejumper Base which welcomes visitors for tours June 1 through Oct. 1. Twisp has a burgeoning arts community and is opening more restaurants as welltry wood- fired pizza at Tappi or grab a warm loaf of bread made from local organic grain at Cinnamon Twisp Bakery. If youre lucky you can catch a performance at the Merc Playhouse. Cool Cuts From Twisp go east on SR-20 over scenic Loup Loup Pass to connect with the historic Okanogan Trails Scenic Byway and the US-97SR- 155 entrance to the Coulee Corridor between Okanogan and Omak. MORNING GLORY BALLOONS Enjoy North Cascades views and the peaceful thrill of hot air ballooning Reservations required. FAA certified. 509-997-1700 Recommended Stops SHERIS SWEET SHOPPE Handmade chocolates ice cream candy bakery espresso sandwiches. 207 Riverside Ave Winthrop 509-996-3834 64 By-Lights Lions Club Scenic train ride Boundary Dam and Gardner Cave tours Tundra Swan Festival 4000-year-old camas oven Tribal buffalo herd Tiger to Ione In Tiger check out the small visitor center and museum. Heading north the next town youll encounter is Ione pronounced eye-OWN. If youre traveling in June be sure your plans include Down River Days a celebration of the Pend Oreille River that features a wacky snowmobile race across its flowing water. The North Pend Oreille Valley Lions Club operates a scenic train tour out of the depot here during summer and fallthe fall color rides are especially spectacular as the train winds along the river gorge to Metaline Falls with great views of Box Canyon Dam. Metaline Falls The Pend Oreille River is your constant companion as the road winds along its banks to Metaline Falls. Linger on the bridge on the way into town and peer over the edge. Those rippling rapids you see were once a waterfall the towns namesake prior to its inundation by the construction of Boundary Dam. Keep an eye out for homes and buildings with characteristic curves that were designed by world-renowned architect Kirtland Cutter. The Cutter Theatre features live performances the museum and gallery is open for public tours. The North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway pronounced POND-er-AY explores the remote northeast corner of Washington State. This 27-mile byway runs from Tiger to Boundary Dam near the Canadian border and overlays a small portion of the 280-mile International Selkirk Loop. North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 18 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 65 Pend Oreille River Water Trail The Pend Oreille River Water Trail covers 70 miles of the Pend Oreille River. The Water Trail begins in Oldtown ID then follows the river north through Pend Oreille County in NE Washington all the way up to Boundary Dam just one mile shy of Southeastern British Columbia Canada. Note that the Pend Oreille River is one of a handful of major rivers in the U.S. that flows northit seems that up in Pend Oreille County even our river goes against the grain. Left Viewpoint above Boundary Dam Top Right Paddling along the Pend Oreille Water Trail Bottom Historic Tiger Visitor Center Kalispel Tribes buffalo herd at Usk. Boundary Dam and Gardner Cave Beyond Metaline Falls SR-31 winds along picturesque beaver ponds and abandoned homesteads and then forks into a couple of compelling dead ends near the Canadian border. Go left to Crawford State Park and Gardner Cave the third longest limestone cavern in Washington. Rangers lead free tours into this former bootleggers cave every day except Tuesday and Wednesday in spring and summer. Take the right branch of the fork and tour Boundary Dam. A vast limestone cavern here serves as the biggest underground powerhouse in the nation. Seattle City Light conducts tours here from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Free lakefront campsites operated by Seattle City Light are also available. Try to arrange for a boat tour of the dams backwaters for sights like Pee Wee Falls and abandoned mine shafts that cant be seen from anywhere else. South from Tiger along the Selkirk Loop Winding gently south along the Pend Oreille South of Tiger on SR-20 following the banks of the Pend Oreille River youll be on another Washington State stretch of the International Selkirk Loop that enters Idaho near Newport. Roads shooting off of this leg of the journey wind deeply into the Colville National Forest and provide endless outdoor recreation and wildlife viewing opportunities. 66 Entering Kalispel Indian Reservation Cross the Pend Oreille at Usk to see the Kalispel Tribes buffalo herd and the Manresa Grotto a cave overlooking the river where the Kalispel have held tribal ceremonies for thousands of years. Usk is also home to the annual Tundra Swan Festival held each March. In Pioneer Park just a couple miles north of Newport exhibits include an elevated boardwalk overlooking a 4000-year-old camas oven where the Kalispel people once baked this roota starchy food staple of the Tribe and early settlers. Newport is also home to the Pend Oreille County Historical Society Museum a great stop for a glimpse of the communitys early settlement. Cool Cut Take SR-20 west at Tiger to connect to the Sherman Pass Scenic Byway at Kettle Falls. Live performances by local talent internationally renowned artists art gallery museum displays and coffee shop. 302 Park Street Metaline Falls 509-446-4108 THE CUTTER THEATRE LIONS CLUB EXCURSION TRAIN Starting in Ione this 20-mile backcountry ride winds along cliffs through tunnels and across bridges and trestles. 877-525-5226 M-F 6a-5p Tour the Visitors Gallery located deep inside a limestone cavern. Get expansive views at the Vista House and observation deck. Call 509 446-3083 or visit www.seattle.govlighttoursboundary for more details. Boundary DamBoundary Dam Step back in time. Ride our restored antique train. Tour millennia-old Gardner Cave. Watch tundra swans herald spring. Paddle the Pend Oreille River. Camp in the wilderness. 509-447-5286 Pend Oreille Rivertourism alliance Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at Recommended Stops Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 67 By-Lights Salmon steelhead fishing along the upper Columbia in Pateros Brewster Bridgeport Historic Cariboo Trail Frank Matsura photo murals Omak Stampede and Indian encampment Old Molson Ghost Town Museums Lake Pateros and Brewster Lake Pateros at the confluence of the Methow and Columbia Rivers is this byways southern- most point. The lake invites swimming skiing and fishing under eastern Washingtons summer sun and in the winter nearby snow parks offer acres of trails for snowmobiling and snowshoeing. The Methow Valley is home to the largest cross-country ski trail system in North America. A little further up the Columbia Brewster is known as the apple capital of the byway being home to several large apple-processing facilities as well as incredible cherry processing plants Chiliwist and Sinlahekin wildlife areas Look for deer bear moose and even bighorn sheep along this route. The 5000-acre Chiliwist Wildlife Area north of Brewster and 19500- acre Sinlahekin Wildlife Area between Conconully and Loomis are prime hiking and wildlife-watching spots. Sinlahekin established in 1939 to conserve mule deer habitat is Washingtons oldest designated wildlife area. Historic Okanogan The early 1900s version of Okanogan is still visible today. The historical museum in an exact replica of the original horse-drawn wagon fire station the courthouse old flour mill and the Cariboo Inn all remain from that bygone era. This 83-mile byway traces a stretch of the Cariboo Trail that was a Native American trade route for thousands of years. Up until the late 1800s this was an important route to mining camps and a cattle-drive trail into Canada. Cattle Drive. Tom Reichner SCENIC BYWAY 19 Okanogan Trails 68 Murals of Frank Matsuras photographs 1903- 1913 capture the culture and spirit of the early 1900s town and countryside life. Omak Stampede and Indian encampment The second weekend each August the Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide Race draw cowboys and controversy as riders plunge down a steep hillside into the Okanogan River in an extreme race you can see the path they ride as you enter town. This longtime community event also features a PRCA rodeo Indian encampment powwow carnival and art show. If youre lucky enough to be hungry at this point in your journey settle into a booth at the Breadline Cafe. Housed in a historical building this home-style restaurant and bakery served locally grown fare decades before it became a trend. North to the Canadian border The piney shores of Conconully Lake and Reservoir offer campsites and abundant trout fishing. Charming Tonasket marks the gateway to the Many Lakes Recreation Area west of the byway. Near Oroville dont miss the Similkameen Traila rail trail that the Washington Trails Association calls a jewel with river gorge views a 375- foot bridge and interpretive signs that feature the history of the Okanogan. Access this trail in Oroville for a seven-mile hike or drive further west to Tabers Trailhead for the four-mile version. This byway ends at the Canadian border and Osoyoos Lake which stretches 14 miles into British Columbia and attracts water sports enthusiasts all summer long. Cool Cuts From Okanogan head west on SR-20 over Loup Loup Pass. There is a small ski area here but what it lacks in acreage 300 it makes up in down- home hospitality. This is a very scenic connecting route to Twisp on the North Cascades Scenic Byway. Omak Stampede Rodeo. Tom Reichner fishing. Charming Tonasket marks the gateway to the Recreation Area Near Oroville dont miss the Similkameen Traila rail trail that the Washington Trails Association calls a jewel with river gorge views a 375- foot bridge and interpretive signs that feature the history of the Okanogan. Access this trail in Oroville for a seven-mile hike or drive further west to Tabers Trailhead for the four-mile version. This byway ends at the Canadian border and Osoyoos Lake which stretches 14 miles into British Columbia and attracts water sports Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 69 Recommended Stops Nearby Lodging From Oroville head east on Central Avenue West toward Chesaw for about nine miles then take a left on Molson Road and go up the hill for five miles. The Old Molson ghost town is remarkably intact and the nearby Molson Museum located in the original schoolhouse is a delightful way to get the story of the towns rise and fall. From Molson continue east on Chesaw Road toward Curlew. With abandoned homesteads the Chesaw general store where I met three young entrepreneurs pictured above and rodeo grounds beaver ponds Washingtons smallest state parkRanald MacDonalds burial sitethe Ansorge Hotel where Henry Ford once stayed and Curlew Lake State Park this route is filled with character. If youre on a schedule forget about it. This is a delightfully slow-paced experience. For more details go to ScenicWA.comPlaces to GoSuggested Road Trips Suggested Side Trip TONASKET NATURAL FOOD CO-OP......................................509-486-4188 21 West 4th Street Tonasket. Organic groceries bulk foods coffee deli beer wine local honey and produce. Free Wi-Fi. EDEN VALLEY GUEST RANCH Cabin Rentals Trails Catered Events Horseback Trail Rides 10-mi. E. of Oroville via Chesaw Rd. Reservations 509-485-4002 MOLSON MUSEUMS Molson Schoolhouse Museum Daily in Summer 10 am to 5 pm Old Molson Ghost Town Museum Daylight hours year-round 15-miles E. of Oroville via Chesaw Rd. www.orovillewashington.comdiscover 70 By-Lights Hood Canal Victorian Port Townsend Hoh Valley of the Rainforest Giants Marymere and Sol Duc Falls Olympic National Park Long Beach Peninsula Enter through Olympia Gigantic metal cows made by artist Gary Vig mark this byways beginning near Olympia Washington States capital. Besides being home to the capitol campus Olympia is a haven for trendy restaurants shops and a seasonal farmers market in the historic downtown core. Fish Tale Brew Pub is a popular hangout for Olympians and those just passing through. The western shores of Hood Canal From Olympia take US-101 north toward Shelton and the small communities along Hood Canal. Those interested in tribal culture and heritage will want to stop at the Squaxin Island Tribes excellent museum. The tribe has also built a fabulous golf resort Salish Cliffs which needs to be on every avid golfers bucket list. This 350-mile byway epitomizes the Evergreen State. It outlines the entire Olympic Peninsula meanders through a national park and rain forests along ocean beaches then extends south to the border with Oregon. Its way too long to do in one day so plan to pack a clam shovel and some boots and take your time. Pacific Coast Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 20 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 71 Worth a Detour From US-101 near Discovery Bay take SR-20 to Port Townsend. The entire downtown core of this Victorian seaport community is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is well worth the short detour to stroll and grab a bite in this charming town. Left Clamming at sunset. Anne Erickson Top Right Tour the capitol campus at Olympia. Middle Feel the mist above Sol Duc Falls. Bottom Visitors stroll the pleasant streets of Port Townsend a Victorian seaport community thats on the National Register of Historic Places. Say Dosewallips and feel like a local Beyond Shelton the road settles into the multiple curves and fun-to-say Native American names on the Hood Canal. Buy fresh fish at Hama Hama Seafood linger in Lilliwaup or fill your lumberjack appetite at the Timberhouse Restaurant in Quilcene featuring big plates and wonder displays inside and out of the areas logging roots. Parks along this route offer plentiful camping the canvas platform tents at Dosewallips State Park are a fun and heated option. Jamestown SKlallam totems The Jamestown SKlallam Tribal campus is a good stopthe many totem poles with the blue waters of Sequim Bay behind them make a great photograph. Peek into the House of Myths Carving Shed to see artist Dale Faulstich in action revealing the stories that are encased in cedar logs. Sequim and Port Angeles Located in the rain shadow behind the Olympic Mountains Sequim pronounced Skwim is renowned for its sunny weather and lavender fields. Sequim is also home to the Dungeness Spitthe longest natural sandspit in the United States. Become a lighthouse keeper and spend a week at the historic lighthouse at the end of this five-mile-long spit Fifteen miles further west Port Angeles is the jumping-off point for visits to Victoria British Columbia aboard the MV Coho and also the gateway to Hurricane Ridge the crown jewel of Olympic National Park. The drive up to the ridge is scenic and spectacular. If you stay Port Angeles is a good home base for this byway Next Door Gastropub is a perfect spot for a local brew a bite and people watching from sidewalk seating. Lakes and waterfall trails Glacially carved Lake Crescent is a spectacular distraction so pull over at the Lake Crescent Lodge and explore this historic spot. Take the easy hike from Storm King Ranger Station to Marymere Falls check out www. or take a dip in the clear blue water. A few miles up the road Sol Duc Hot Springs and a short hike to the falls are worth the drive. VISIT SUNNY SEQUIM SEQUIM BAY LODGE Enjoy our forested 10-acre retreat while visiting the Olympic Peninsula. 268522 Highway 101 Sequim 1-800-622-0691 360-683-0691 JOHN WAYNES WATERFRONT RESORT Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at 72 Friendly faces local lavender unique shops and outdoor adventure. Hwy 101 Sequim WA 1-800-737-8462 9 cabins general store tent and RV sites cable TV Wi-Fi. SUP Kayak rentals. 2634 W. Sequim Bay Rd Sequim 360-681-DUKE 3853 Dungeness Lighthouse. LEVYsheckler Recommended Stops Nearby Lodging Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 73 Twilight and Quileute Tribal Country Forks made famous as the setting of the Twilight book series is named for the many rivers that intersect in the area and its location makes the town popular with anglers seeking steelhead and salmon. Head down SR-110 to the coast and several popular hiking beaches and sea stacks in LaPush home of the Quileute Tribes Oceanside Resort and Rivers Edge Restaurant. Of Note Fee for National Park access into Hurricane Ridge Sol Duc Hot Springs Cape Flattery and Hoh Rain Forest is 15 per carload for a 7-consecutive day pass Seniors 62 can get a 10 lifetime pass. Precipitation in the Olympic rain forests range from 140 to 167 inches 12 to 14 feet every year. As a result of rain and moderate temperaturesrarely above 80F or below freezing the lush forests in the Quinault Queets Hoh and Bogachiel valleys are some of the most spectacular examples of primeval temperate rain forest in the lower 48 states. These rain forests once stretched from southern Oregon to southeast Alaska but little remains outside of protected areas. The thick layered canopy above moderates the temperature year- round for wildlife including the largest wild population of Roosevelt elk in the U.S. On the forest floor elk browsing helps to keep the rain forest understory open. Our temperate rainforests Sequim Lavender Andy Porter IngeJohnsson 76 Quileute Oceanside Resort RV Park 330 Ocean Drive La Push WA 98350 360-374-5267 800-487-1267 The Quileute Tribe invites you to a unique experience at Quileute Oceanside Resort RV Park on the Pacific Coast. 32 Ocean View Cabins 28 Ocean View Motel Rooms 11 Partial Ocean View Cabins Whale Watching Seabirds Launch a Kayak or Surfboard Pets Welcome with some Restrictions Campground and Full-Service RV Park This area is also the gateway to the Hoh Rain Forest and the last provisioning place before this byway gets truly wild. The moss-draped rain forest canopies are so oxygen rich that youll feel slightly light-headed and wonder whether its the oxygen or hypnotic beauty at work. Following the wild Pacific coastline Thirty minutes beyond Forks is this byways namesakethe Pacific Coast. Ruby Beach Kalaloch pronounced CLAY-lock and this entire wild stretch of coast deserves at least 24 hours of hanging outotherwise you wont see the suns rays through the early morning mist or the sky blazing orange as the same sun drops into the Pacific at the end of the day. Stay awhile Kalaloch Lodge has camping and cabins youll be glad you did. Land of the Rain Forest Giants A few miles south of Kalaloch US-101 cuts inland toward Amanda Park and Lake Quinault. Roosevelt elk herds and giant trees are commonplace here. The valley that creates Lake Quinault and Quinault Rain Forest is truly the Cool Cut Just a few miles west of Port Angeles you can take SR-112 to follow the Strait of Juan de Fuca Byway with views across the strait to Victoria and Vancouver Island. When you reach Clallam Bay continue to the northwest tip of the lower 48 U.S. on the Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway. From here backtrack to SR-13 to reconnect with the Pacific Coast Byway at Sappho. Ruby Beach. Andy Porter Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 77 Valley of the Rain Forest Giants being home to the worlds largest Sitka spruce. Stop in at the Lake Quinault Lodge like FDR did nearly 80 years ago. He was obviously struck by the areas natural beauty. He signed a bill that created Olympic National Park just nine months after his visit. Continuing south you may be tempted to cut over to the coast to Ocean Shores and the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway. Stay on 101 and youll soon arrive in Hoquiam and its sister city Aberdeen. You can read a bit more about the rich history of these and other Grays Harbor logging communities in the Hidden Coast and Cranberry Coast sections of this guide. Approaching the Oyster Capital Beyond Raymond see also Cranberry Coast the road edges the southern shore of the Willapa Bay and goes through South Bend the Oyster Capital of the World. This bay the second-largest estuary on the Pacific is teeming with animal life. Several metal sculptures line the highway leading into downtown Raymond and the Northwest Carriage Museum is always a popular stop with its fine collection of pre- automotive transportation. Approaching the Oyster Capital see also Cranberry Coast the road edges second-largest estuary on the Pacific is teeming with animal life. Several metal sculptures line the highway leading into downtown Northwest Carriage Museum is 78 The Long Beach Peninsula This 28-mile spit juts northward from Ilwaco to Leadbetter Pointa portion of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. Three miles south of Long Beach Ilwaco wraps around a busy port with shops galleries canneries restaurants fishing charters and a summer Saturday market. A popular year-round destination Long Beach Peninsula is sought out for its expansive beach historic lighthouses renowned restaurants cranberry bogs and oyster farms. A family favorite for generations the lively town of Long Beach offers colorful shops kite flying and a great boardwalk above tall grasses. Take Discovery Trail to Clarks Tree to end your journey of discovery. Visit the port town of Ilwaco and then the turbulent spot where the Columbia River meets the Pacific and the Astoria-Megler Bridge crosses into Oregon marking the end of this epic route. See the Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway section for further information. THE BREAKERS - LONG BEACH 24 acres of beachfront parkland create a totally unique experience. Hwy 103 at 26th Long Beach 800-219-9833 Strolling the boardwalk on Long Beach. Recommended Stop Nearby Lodging 80 By-Lights Steptoe Butte Rosalia Battlefield Rolling Palouse wheat fields Codger Pole Dahmen Barn Grizzly Research Center The Palouse Scenic Byway isnt a tidy point-A-to-point-B affairtheres simply too much dynamic landscape here to be traversed by one road. Rather this byway is a 208-mile multi-route ramble through a region of southeast Washington known for rolling hills and bucolic beauty. Feel the pulse of the small towns Tiny communities with hidden treasures are the heartbeat of this bywaywhich was recently extended to include Latah Fairfield and Rockford to the north. Fairfield is home to the Zythum Brewing Company where they dont just brew beer they make Brewers Brittle and GrainOla from the brewing byproducts. You might want to headquarter in tiny LaCrosse to explore the region including Palouse Falls. A couple of nice BBs located here can provide you with plenty of inspiration to get out and explore by car horse or bicycle. Home and historic printshop tours In Rockford browse Hurd Mercantile 8000 square feet of home decor vintage kitsch and gifts. In Garfield tour the McCroskey House. Built in 1898 by a state senator it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Palouse is a town where you can buy a garden Palouse Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 21 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 81 Worth a Detour Palouse Falls is a desert waterfall and remnant of the glacial Lake Missoula floods. At first glance the falls seem to emerge from solid rock. Watch for signs at Washtucna on SR-29. Entry to the park is on a bumpy gravel road so dont spill your coffee. The colors and textures of the Palouse changes dramatically with the seasons. Richard Duval. Right Palouse Falls near Washtucna is a remnant of ice-age floods. Justin Martin. hose and world-class art on the same street. Be sure to visit the Bank Left Gallery and the Roy Chatters Newspaper and Printing Museum. Find the Colfax codgers In Colfax the Manning-Rye Covered Bridge and 19th-century architecture give a sense of the regions pioneer history and the Codger Pole reveals its sense of humor. The pole bears the likenesses of 51 old guys who played a grudge- match football game 50 years after a contested game. This monument to the Codger Bowl is the tallest chainsaw carving in the world. If its dinnertime stop by the Top Notch Cafe for great home cooking and a hand-dipped vanilla shake in this nostalgic little family diner. Boyer Park and Lower Granite Dam A great side trip about 20 miles south of Colfax is Boyer Park and the Lower Granite Dam. The 80-acre park and nearby dam offer camping swimming and legendary fishing for steelhead catfish and bass. 82 A photo for all seasons Any time of year Palouse is a photographers dream. For starters shoot a panorama of the 200-mile view of the rolling wheat fields from atop Steptoe Butte. Whether spring and summer green fall harvest or winter plowing the personality changes with each sunrise. Historic sites along the way Visit the site of one of the last battles fought between the U.S. Cavalry and native tribes in Rosalia. From here you can see the wooden Rosalia Railroad Bridge which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic structures like Uniontowns Dahmen Barn an artists co-op that welcomes visitors with its unique wheel fence and Oakesdales Barron Flour Mill built in 1890 have enough character to make that smartphone pic look like it belongs in magazine. A fun and noteworthy fact The Sage Bakery building in tiny downtown Uniontown was originally built as an opera house so the townsfolk obviously cultivated culture as well as wheat fields. Home of the WSU Cougars Pullman is a picturesque college town with plenty of pubs restaurants and boutique shops to browse. Washington State Universitys campus creamery Ferdinands offers ice cream and Cougar Golda cheddar so tasty it has developed a cultlike following. Above Located near Uniontown Dahmen Barn with its signature wheel fence serves as an artists workshop and gallery. Marcus Yearout Opposite Page Top Whimsical Codger Pole in downtown Colfax. Palouse Scenic Byway Bottom Downtown Pullman has many good pub and restaurant options. Oakesdale Barron Flour Mill. Jon Roanhaus Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 83 For your free map and itinerary visit or call 1-800-365-6948 Come explore the Palouse Absolutely picture perfect Antiquing wineries breweries and stunning photo opportunities Robert Tetzlaff Grizzly bears and one funky festival Visitors in the spring and summer can glimpse grizzlies at the worlds only grizzly bear research facility bruins hibernate in winter. Lovers of lentils or fans of funky festivals must mark August 2122 on their calendars Pullmans National Lentil Festival offers everything from the Lentil Pancake Breakfast to the Tour de Lentil bike race. Cool Cut Begin your own Journey of Discovery to the Pacific Ocean along the Columbia River Gorge following the footsteps of Lewis Clark. Connect with the Lewis and Clark Trail Scenic Byway just a few miles south of Uniontown at Hells Canyon in Clarkston. 84 By-Lights Friday and Roche Harbors English and American Camps Kayaking tours Road and trail biking Whale-watching Mount Constitution Moran Mansion at Rosario Resort The San Juan Islands Scenic Byway includes a marine highway and driving tours on both Orcas and San Juan Islands. For centuries this was a historic canoe route once traveled by the Coast Salish people. Today Washington State Ferries also a designated state scenic byway ply these waters laden with locals and visitors traveling by car by bike or on foot. Begin your journey in Anacortes The voyage to the San Juan Islands begins in Anacortes but dont hurry straight to the ferry dock. Downtown Anacortes has 70 life-sized murals restaurants antiques and the wonderful waterfront Washington Park where you can stroll or picnic and watch the ferries glide by. Besides providing lodging the historic Majestic Inn Spa has one of the best happy hour menus in the county. While here take a cruise to see a resident pod of orcas or migrating gray whales or consider a guided kayak tour. Friday Harbor on San Juan Island The historic seaport of Friday Harbor greets the ferry with water-view restaurants boutiques bookstores galleries and museums. Relax at the waterfront park between the Portals of Welcome Coast Salish house posts and watch ferries seaplanes and boats come and go. Take a whale- watching cruise or rent a moped for a self- guided island tour. A farmers market is located in a historic brickworks building for a taste of island-grown fare. Explore Roche Harbor A former limekiln company town this bustling resort community features lodging restaurants Above State ferry arriving in Friday Harbor. Deborah Hopkins Top right English Camp on San Juan Island. Visit San Juans Bottom Historic building at the Orcas Island ferry landing. Jennifer Coleman. Opposite Page Whale watching excursions are a great way to learn more about our resident Orca pods. San Juan Safaris San Juan Islands SCENIC BYWAY 22 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 85 360.293.3832 ANACORTES.ORG Fresh and Local Every Saturday May 9 - Oct 24 9am to 2pm RCAS SAN AN IS AN S Two island driving tours plus one marine highway add up to a truly unique byway experience. www.visitsanjuans.comscenicbyway 888 468-3701 Worth a Stop Visit the historic Whale Museum in downtown Friday Harbor only three blocks from the ferry landing. With fun and educational exhibits about whales free videos and a great gift shop that features marine mammal books art and gifts the Whale Museum is a great first stop on a visit to Friday Harbor. shops and gardens. Roche Harbor is a pleasant stop for a meal and historic walking tours of some of the abandoned kiln works and a 20-acre sculpture park. The Hotel de Haro built in 1886 is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a great place to check in or just check out. Whale watching and guided kayak tours are available and provide a novel way to get a better sense of the place. English and American Camp Two historic sites make up the San Juan Island National Historic Parks system. Just a few minutes out of Roche Harbor you can find signs of 19th-century British occupation at English Camp. Near the southern tip of the 86 Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at island you find American Camp the site of an 1859 USBritish boundary dispute called the Pig Warbloodless except for the unlucky pig. Lime Kiln Point State Park Lighthouse On the far west of the island Lime Kiln Point State Park commonly known as Whale Watch Park is a kayakers paradise and the only park in the world dedicated to shore-based orca whale watching June through September are pretty reliable. This day-use park has a picturesque working lighthouse trails and seasonal interpretive center. Head to Orcas Island The byway continues with a 40-minute ferry ride from Friday Harbor to Orcas Island the largest of the San Juans. The ferry lands at Orcas Village with its distinctive general store and the 1904 Orcas Hotel. In nearby Deer Harbor you can rent a boat or a bike or just buy a coffee from a store on a dock and enjoy the view. Visitors can also watch potters spin clay into art at Orcas Island Pottery the oldest pottery studio in the Northwest. WATERWORKS GALLERY Featuring contemporary art jewelry inspired by the Pacific Northwest. 315 Argyle St Friday Harbor 360-378-3060 CABINS-ON-THE-POINT Orcas Island home cabins and beach cottage are situated on three lovely acres along our own private beach. 360-376-4114 MAJESTIC INN SPA A beautiful accommodation and a haven of elegance in historic Anacortes. 419 Commercial St Anacortes 877 370-0100 GUEMES ISLAND RESORT Cabins Yurts Sauna Beach Crabbing Hiking Boating and more 4268 Guemes Island Rd Anacortes 360 293-6643 800 965-6643 HISTORIC INNS DINING ON SAN JUAN ISLAND...... 800-965-0123800-407-7933 Experience luxurious accommodations and Pacific Northwest cuisine in Friday Harbor. Groups welcome. Pet-friendly. Nearby Lodging Recommended Stops Lime Kiln Lighthouse. Jason Gunter Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 87 Historic Rosario Resort Tour the historic Moran Mansion at Rosario Resort. Robert Moran a shipbuilder and former mayor of Seattle built the mansion in 1909. Today its the centerpiece of this popular resort. Moran State Park Moran State Park is Washingtons fourth-largest state park. Enjoy campsites five freshwater lakes and more than 38 miles of hiking trails. The parks Mount Constitution is the highest point in the San Juans at 2409 feet and boasts panoramic views of islands and the Cascade Mountainsa must-see side trip. In the hamlet of Olga youll find shopping and a meal at the Orcas Island Artworks cooperative housed in a 1936 strawberry-packing plant. The last stop is Doe Bay a rustic island resort where youll find yurts cabins soaking tubs and a truly laid-back island experience. ZIP SAN JUAN Family friendly adventure features 8 zip lines and provides an amazing way to see the islands natural landscape. 360-378-5947 SAN JUAN CRUISES ORCAS ISLAND TRAIL RIDES Explore enchanting old growth forests grassy meadows and the hidden back- country of Orcas Island on horseback. 360 376-2134 ANACORTES KAYAK TOURS No ferry required The San Juans start right here with tours departing from Anacortes and Friday Harbor. Join us 800 992-1801 MYSTIC SEA CHARTERS See whales wildlife and beautiful San Juan Islands aboard the 100 ft. Mystic Sea. Departs from Langley Anacortes. 800 308-9387 SEA QUEST KAYAKING TOURS Kayak in the top location for seeing orcas in the U.S. Weve focused on safety and education for over 40 years. 888 589-4253 Deluxe whale watching excursions to the San Juan Islands with Northwest salmon lunch and Friday Harbor visit. 355 Harris Ave 104 Bellingham 800 443-4552 Totally Fare Advance reservations are an option for your ferry ride to the San Juans from Anacortes and note that the fare covers a round-trip to and from the islands so you can island-hop to your hearts content. For reservations go to ferries 88 By-Lights Stonerose Fossil Interpretive Center White Mountain Interpretive Center Larch forest on Sherman Pass Camp Growden CCC Camp Log Flume Heritage Site St. Pauls Mission in Kettle Falls The 35-mile Sherman Pass Scenic Byway begins in the town of Republic on SR-20 and runs east across Sherman PassWashingtons highest maintained pass at 5575 feetthrough the Colville National Forest and to the town of Kettle Falls. Republic Come and dig it Downtown Republic is an authentic remnant of a gold-mining boomtown. Take a walking tour past murals and photographs depicting the areas rich gold-mining history. Grazing deer often parade through the middle of town at sunset. A family favorite located in the heart of town is the Stonerose Interpretive Center where visitors can participate in a public dig of a fossil bed. An inexpensive admission free for kids 4 and under provides an opportunity to dig up ancient plant insects and occasional fish fossils. The Sherman Pass Overlook Heading east from Republic toward Kettle Falls on SR-20 you will cross Sherman Pass 5575 feet. Take the pullout at the White Mountain Sherman Overlook to walk the easy quarter-mile paved trail with interpretative signs detailing the devastating fires of 1929 and 1988. Ghostly gray tree snags still stand remnants of the massive fires. Historic log flume and CCC camp There are interpretative trails all along the route so plan some time to linger. These areas include an old log flume site with an easy paved quarter-mile trail and CCC Camp Growden where hundreds of young men were able to find work during the Great Depression in FDRs Civilian Conservation Corps. Golden larch trees on Sherman Pass. John Marshall Top right Historic log flume site. Bottom right Digging for fossils at Stonerose Interpretive Center. Marcus Yearout. Sherman Pass Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 23 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 89 Worth a Detour The bed of an old railway line has been transformed into the Ferry County Rail Trail. This wonderful 30-mile hiking biking and horse trail runs from Republic to Curlew past Curlew State Park. Curlew is home to the Ansorge Hotel Museum. Henry Ford once stayed here so it should come as no surprise that youll also find an Antique Car Museum nearby. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at NORTHERN INN STONEROSE FOSSIL SITE An unforgettable experience open to the public by admission. See what YOU can discover 509 775 2295 Republic WA Recommended Stop Nearby Lodging BENNYS COLVILLE INN Great Motorcycle Accommodations 105 guest rooms breakfast WIFI. Serving you with small town charm. 915 S. Main Street Colville 1-800-680-2517 Happily situated within easy walking distance of Stoneroses Fossil Site downtown shops and restaurants. 852 So. Clark Ave. Republic 509-775-3371 Colville National Forest The Colville National Forest offers abundant recreational opportunities for hikers bikers and horsemen on almost 500 miles of trails. Filled with elk moose rattlesnakes bears cougars and bobcats this is truly one of Americas great untamed wilderness areas. Camping is available. Lake Roosevelt National Rec Area With Grand Coulee Dam blocking the Columbia River the 150-mile-long Lake Rooseveltwith 600 miles of shoreline and 30 species of fish including trout and salmonwas created. The Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area and its dozens of campgrounds are popular for boating swimming and fishing. Kettle Falls a town that moved The byway ends at Kettle Falls a recreational haven on Lake Roosevelts shores. The backwaters of the Columbia River that created Lake Roosevelt inundated both the falls and the original townsite. Today the edge of the former town is Kettle Falls Campground with riverfront sites interpretive signage and a marina and houseboat rental business. The Kettle Falls Historical Center features some fine dioramas and is an excellent place to get information about the areas indigenous people and the nearby Colville Ranger Station is a very good stop for backcountry exploration info. 90 By-Lights Mount St. Helens Visitor Center Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center Weyerhaeuser Forest Learning Center Coldwater Lake boardwalk Johnston Ridge Observatory Hiking Trails and Interpretive Guided Tours Mount St. Helens Visitor Center Your first stop five miles east of I-5 Exit 49 should be the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center at Silver Lake. The center presents each chapter of the mountains history from pre-eruption years to today. It also features exhibits about the regions history and culture as well as offering geological background on the volcano and the surrounding areas slow but steady recovery. A nature trail from the visitor center leads to beautiful Silver Lake and its wetlands. Camping is available at Seaquest State Park. Toutle River The Toutle River which the byway will parallel for the remainder of this route became a nightmarish mudflow during the eruption as massive amounts of sediment poured into the water. You can find some of that mud today on the walls of the North Fork Toutle River and even some partially submerged houses. Get a closer look from a viewpoint on Stewart Dam Road turn right just before the Toutle River Bridge. Known as the Spirit Lake Memorial Highway SR-504 is a 52-mile journey one way inone way out into the scene of the epic destruction that Mount St. Helens caused when it erupted on May 18 1980. Spirit Lake Memorial Highway SCENIC BYWAY 24 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 91 Worth a Stop Near the summit at Johnston Ridge Coldwater Lake Trail is an easily navigated boardwalk leading to a lake that was formed after the eruption. Nearby the Hummocks Trail hummocks are mounds of volcanic debristakes an hour to walk and is moderately strenuous winding through lupine fields and beaver ponds on the site of the largest landslide in recorded human history. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at Left Recovery is evident at Mount St. Helens. Inge Johnsson Top Coldwater Lake Boardwalk. Bottom Helicopter tours from Hoffstadt Bluffs. Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center About 27 miles into this road trip Mount St. Helens becomes spectacularly visible at nearly every turn. The Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center offers an opportunity to take a good look at the volcano and surrounding valley. Large elk herds can often be seen in the mudflats below the parking lot. Helicopter tours operate here from spring through fall and theres a nice restaurant with a one-of-a-kind volcano view. Weyerhaeuser Forest Learning Center Continue east on the half-mile-long bridge over Hoffstadt Creek and enter the blast zone. The Weyerhaeuser Forest Learning Center at MP- 33 describes the work of foresters before during and after the eruption with an emphasis on reforestation and conservation projects. Johnston Ridge Observatory At the highways end is Johnston Ridge Observatory where visitors are only five miles from the crater and lava dome of Mount St. Helens. Stands of dead trees stripped of their bark and the remains of Spirit Lake its surface still covered by a mat of logs leave a lasting impression. Park rangers conduct regularly scheduled interpretive hikes and energetic talks about the blast. 92 By-Lights Alpine Lakes Wilderness Downtown Roslyn and Cle Elum Iron Horse State Park Thorp Mill Ellensburgs historic downtown arts district Of all the scenic byways in the state this 42- mile ramble feels the most like a discovery. The jagged peaks of the Stuart Range frame the view to the north the Yakima River winds below and historic buildings anchor the landscape while just a few miles to the south motorists on I-90 speed by oblivious to the wonder of it all. Roslyn and Salmon La Sac To start your Swiftwater adventure bail off I-90 at Exit 80 to begin enjoying this back road. Backtrack westward through Roslyn a historic mining town thats home to the Brick the states oldest continuously running saloon. These streets look familiar Roslyn doubled for Cicely the fictitious Alaskan town in the popular television show Northern Exposure. Backtrack further through the village of Ronald into the Salmon La Sac area to access the 400000 acres of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Nearby Suncadia is developing a well-deserved reputation for great golf spa and wine tasting. Downtown Cle Elum Eastward off the same exit is Cle Elum another former mining town with some good food stops. The old-fashioned butcher shop Owens Meats is a perennial family favorite while the Cle Elum Bakery claims the best buns in town. In the heart of town is the oldest complete telephone museum west of the Mississippi with displays covering the history of telephone technology from 1876 to 1970. The museum also features a collection of coal mining artifacts. Above The raging Salmon La Sac river is a gateway to camping and hiking in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Below Telephone Museum in downtown Cle Elum. Swiftwater Co idor SCENIC BYWAY 25 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 93 Cool Cut From Cle Elum take US-97 north to cross wonderfully scenic Blewett Pass to connect with the Stevens Pass Cascade Loop Byways at Peshastin. Main Street through downtown Ellensburg eventually turns into Canyon Road which becomes SR-821. This is the Yakima River Canyon Scenic Bywaya twisty and narrow drive with jaw-dropping views of the river and surrounding canyon walls. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at WILD HORSE WIND FACILITY Wind turbine tours 10am and 2pm or by reservation. Apr-Nov. 15th 9-530pm. 25905 Vantage Hwy Ellensburg www.pse.comwildhorse 509-964-7815 Recommended Stops OWENS MEATS Serving meat to the tables of families in the Pacific NW since 1890. 502 E. 1st Street Cle Elum 509-674-2530 CLE ELUM BAKERY Quality and Tradition you can trust... and great baked goods too 501 E. 1st Street Cle Elum www.facebook.comcleelumbakeryinfo 509-674-2233 South Cle Elum National Historic District Iron Horse State Park in South Cle Elum includes a portion of the Milwaukee Roads mid-west train line embarked on a bold Pacific Coast expansion from 1906 to 1909. The Depot built in 1909 was the site where train operations were organized crew changes were made and telegraph communication was possible. The Beanery now called the Depot Caf fed train crews and locals. Nowadays the Interpretive Rail Yard Trail guides visitors through significant locations. Take the old road to Ellensburg Driving SR-10 eastward from Cle Elum is a trip back to a time when roads meandered along river paths instead of slicing straight through the landscape. In Thorp an 1870s-era gristmill towers above the landscape. The Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall has been a favorite stop for generations of travelers. Ellensburg A great hub for exploration Ellensburg is home to Central Washington University you will discover that artists have been drawn here and are setting up shop all over the historic downtown district. If youd prefer more outdoor recreation here in the heart of cowboy countrysite of the states largest rodeoyoull appreciate access to world- class fly-fishing in the Yakima River Canyon rafting biking and hiking trails. 94 By-Lights Meerkerk Gardens Ebeys Landing Fort Casey Historic Coupeville Deception Pass Bridge Whales Alpacas and art trails The ferry from Mukilteo docks at Clinton the gateway to Whidbey Island. Discover great fishing crabbing and clamming quiet roads for cycling and farms often open to the public. The fiber farms featuring llamas and alpacas are great places to bring the kids. Buy a sweater and have your picture taken with your sweaters original owner. Continuing north Langley is Whidbeys Village by the Sea a picturesque town that has become a magnet for artists. Everything from fine art galleries to glassblowing studios can be found along with great wine shops and places to eat. To see artists in action all over Whidbey follow the Whidbey Art Trail www. Langley is also a prime whale-watching spot gray whales migrate through the Saratoga Passage. Next check out Freeland for great antique and thrift shops and stops along the wine and spirits trail. This byway is bounded by two of Washingtons travel icons. From the northwest youll enter over Deception Pass Bridge which offers a simply unforgettable view of the water 170 feet below. Travelers from the south will arrive aboard a Washington State ferry. Both bring you to Whidbey Island with a flair that seems to say Welcome to our escape. Whidbey Scenic Isle Way SCENIC BYWAY 26 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 95 Worth a Detour Camano Island is Whidbeys sister island with its own laid-back island feeling. Roads form a natural loop around the island taking visitors through everything from outdoor art experiences to state parks on a beach. Check out Canopy Tours NW a 100-year-old farm with a zip-line through the forest. Cama Beach State Park has waterside cabins perfect for young families and a center that hosts dozens of weddings a year. You can rent boats and crab pots and cook what you catch on the beach. Left Road to Ebeys Landing National Reserve Top right Handing out bowls of mussels at MusselFest. Jack Pendland Nearing Whidbey Island on a state ferry. Jack Pendland. Organic and historic pleasures A stop at Greenbank Farm will yield goodies in the form of artisan cheese pies wine and cider made from local fruit. Spring travelers may want to linger at Meerkerk Gardens when the rhododendrons are in peak bloom. Travelers can camp on a beach and hike to the Admiralty Head Lighthouse and explore turn-of- the-century gun emplacements at Fort Casey State Park or stay in one of Coupevilles many historic homes that are now BBs. The towns main street is almost unchanged in 100 years and its scenic wharf is a must-see. Nearby are farm fields that reach all the way to bluffs that drop to the sea. This is Ebeys Landing National Historic Reserve24 square miles of working historical farms hiking trails and vistas preserved as living history. Urban Whidbey In Oak Harbor Whidbey Islands largest city explore the areas military history at the PBY Museum dedicated to the areas naval aviation history and its first aircraft the WWII-era PBY. Afterward duck into Frasers Gourmet Hideaway sit at the counter and look into the 96 Free maps guides lodging and event info at The Shortest Distance to Far Away is closer than you think Photo by The Shortest Distance to Far Away open kitchen as Chef Fraser makes miracles with Penn Cove mussels and island-grown veggies. There are also plenty of places to eat for families on a budget. Deception Pass State Park Slow down as you cross Deception Pass State Parks iconic bridge this spot gets more visitors per year than the Grand Canyon and most of them pull off get out and walk the span. Deception Pass Tours offers jet-boat excursions through the area and whale-watching tours in the spring from an open boat that offers a memorable experience. Cool Cuts From Deception Pass you can continue the Cascade Loop by heading east on SR-20 and heading up and over the North Cascades Scenic Highway catch a Washington State Ferry at Anacortes to head to the San Juan Islands Scenic Byway or head to Bellingham via the Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at MEERKERK GARDENS 53-acre display gardens specializing in rhododendrons and forest trails. 3531 Meerkerk Ln Greenbank 360-678-1912 WILDWOOD FARM BB Escape to a beautiful Equestrian Ranch and be immersed in nature. 2326 Happy Valley Rd Oak Harbor 360-679-3474 Recommended Stops Deception Pass. Jack Pendland Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 97 By-Lights Toppenish murals museums Yakama Nation Cultural Heritage Center Wild horses on Satus Pass Goldendale Observatory Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge Memorial Yakama Nation Cultural Heritage Center Approaching Toppenish youll see a building with a distinctive roofline the Yakama Nation Cultural Heritage Center. This 30-year-old museum tells the story of the Yakama people. Tipi camping and RV sites are available. Downtown Toppenish murals Swing into downtown Toppenish where Native American and western traditions railroad and hop museums and 76 historically accurate murals create an inviting atmosphere for anyone with a passion for history. The NP Railway Museum and Hop Museum are also located here. Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge As US-97 bends southward from Toppenish it crosses through a 2000-acre oasis of wetlands grasslands and wildlife. The Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge draws on streams and summer irrigation to provide food and breeding grounds for migratory birds and resident mammals. Goldendale Observatory State Park This state park is a mere five acres atop a 2100-foot-high hilltop with a view of the entire universe. Featuring one of the nations largest public telescopes the parks observatory has attracted amateur astronomers since 1973 and is open to anyone who wants a look. Named for the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation the 76-mile Yakama Scenic Byway runs from just south of downtown Yakima yes a different spelling on US-97 to join SR-14 at the Columbia River where youll meet up with the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway. Trip Tip A sample itinerary for this byway is available under Scenic Byways Road Trips at Yakama Scenic Byway SCENIC BYWAY 27 98 By-Lights World-renowned fly-fishing Audubon birding trail Rafting and tubing Raptors and bighorn sheep Endangered basalt daisy The short and sublime Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway also known as Canyon Road or SR-821 this byway is a dazzling alternative to driving I-82 between Ellensburg and Yakima. A 22-mile trip that is scenic year- around Canyon Road follows the Yakima River on a lonely curvy two- lane road between high-desert sage-covered hills. Recreation on land and water Outdoor recreation enthusiasts will find great hiking through rolling hills and rafting opportunities on the Yakima River. The canyon is famous for year-round water sports and is widely regarded as one of the finest destinations for fly- and drift-boat fishing in the nation. About halfway along the drive youll find the upscale and rustic Lodge at Canyon River Ranch and Reds Fly Shop where tourists can gear up for fishing guided trips hunting and near-endless hiking. Umtanum Creek Recreation Area A few miles south of Ellensburg the Umtanum Creek Recreation Area is an ideal place for rafting kayaking or fishing on the Yakima River. It also offers aspen and cottonwood groves surrounding remnants of historic homesteads with their remaining untended apple and chestnut trees. In spring the desert comes to life with a dazzling display of wildflowers. Floating through the Yakima River Canyon. Yakima Valley Tourism Yakima River Canyon SCENIC BYWAY 28 Plan Your Perfect Road Trip 99 Worth a Detour Four of the states scenic byways run to or through the city of Yakima. Located at the entrance to Washington Wine County this central Washington community offers great boutique wine tasting craft breweries dining and shopping. Great Day Hike Crossing the Yakima on a suspension bridge the day hike to Umtanum Creek Falls climbs high in a Douglas fir forest and descends into sagebrush and scrub grass desert canyons. Elk roam the upper woods and bighorn sheep prowl the steep canyon walls around the pounding waterfall. The creek falls about 40 feet into an oval-shaped basalt bowl. BALE BREAKER BREWING An 82-year love affair with hops and a passion for craft beer have lead to this. 1801 Birchfield Road Yakima 509-424-4000 Recommended Stops YakimaValleyTourism The National Audubon Society recognizes Umtanum as an important birding area there are lots of viewing opportunities. Rattlesnakes are also common during late spring and in the summer stay alert so you can enjoy your visit. Wildlife viewing includes bighorn sheep white-tailed deer Rocky Mountain elk and coyotes. Golden eagles gracefully soar high above on the thermals that rise from the canyon floor. The basalt cliffs here with their clefts and crevices are home to the densest population of nesting raptors in the state of Washington. Roza Dam Built in 1939 Roza Dam diverts water to irrigate the otherwise arid desert in the lower Yakima Valley. Dont miss the fish ladder where salmon and endangered steelhead make their heroic upstream leaps on the long journey home to spawn. A reservoir at the Roza Recreation Area is used for boating swimming and is the last takeout point for floaters and anglers on the river. Selah Cliffs Natural Area Preserve Five miles northeast of Selah stretching along Selah Creek from the eastern edge of SR-821 and I-82 is the Selah Cliffs Natural Area. The preserve open to the public is home to a rare population of basalt daisy a threatened and dainty plant that only grows high up in cracks in the rock left by ancient lava in the canyons southern half. June is the best month to spy them blooming in the basalt columns. Binoculars are recommended to see the flower which exists nowhere else in the world. The byway officially ends as SR-821 rejoins the rushing traffic of I-82. Look for great views of Mount Rainier and Mount Adams as you exit the canyon near Selah. 100 By-Lights Bainbridge Island Kitsap Peninsula Port Townsend Whidbey Island San Juan Islands Victoria B.C. As youve no doubt already discovered unique geography plays a huge role in the diversity that defines a Washington State travel experience. The Cascade Mountain Range divides us into the wet coastal and dry desert sides of the state. No less remarkable are the peninsulas and islands across Puget Sound Hood Canal and Strait of Juan de Fuca that shape our northwestern corner. Getting to our wonderful peninsula destinations would require a trip around the sound through Olympia if it werent for the largest marine highway system in the nation. Getting to the islands would be all but impossible. Enjoy views of the Olympic Mountains Seattles skyline or small waterfront communities that cannot be had from any other vantage point. Whale pods will sometimes even accompany your journey. So drive your car aboard to visit the historic waterfront of Bremerton or Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula to Clinton on Whidbey Island and to the San Juans or even Vancouver Island in British Columbia from Anacortes. Dont want to wait in line You can check schedules and make advance reservations for some runs at www.wsdot. wa.govferries or just walk on to enjoy the views and brisk salt air. Dont miss this uniquely Washington experience. Plan to cross Puget Sound by hopping aboard a Washington State Ferryone of our states officially designated scenic byways and most definitely one of our states crown jewels. Washington State Fe ies SCENIC BYWAY 29 LUXURY EXCITEMENT AWAITS. Just 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington States premier resort entertainment destination. Luxurious Accommodations Award-Winning Dining Rejuvenating Spa Casino Excitement World-Class Shopping FOUR-DIAMOND RESORT. GAMING. SHOPPING. I-5 EXIT 200 TULALIPCASINO.COM Luxurious Accommodations Award-Winning Dining Rejuvenating Spa Casino Excitement World-Class Shopping premier resort entertainment destination. LUXURY EXCITEMENT AWAITS. Just 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington States premier resort entertainment destination. Luxurious Accommodations Award-Winning Dining Rejuvenating Spa Casino Excitement World-Class Shopping FOUR-DIAMOND RESORT. GAMING. SHOPPING. LUXURY LUXURY LUXURY EXCITEMENT AWAITS.EXCITEMENT AWAITS.EXCITEMENT AWAITS. Just 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington StatesJust 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington StatesJust 30 minutes north of Seattle discover Washington States premier resort entertainment destination.premier resort entertainment destination.premier resort entertainment destination. WASHINGTON STATE includes fold-out map inside